Thursday, May 20, 2010


Our little town's Mayor has succumbed to his personal battle with the BIC C, cancer, his second bout.

He was a tireless community worker in public service before his successful bid for Mayor.

Previously he served as alderman, and some tenure as public works supervisor and director.

The fire department auxiliary and a community theater have been his specific contributions. We have an excellent insurance rating because of his tireless efforts to upgrade a volunteer fire and rescue department. The theater is a unit of the fire auxiliary after it was rescued from failed ownership; an individual bought and donated the building to the city who gave it to the fire auxiliary. 

What is not widely known is his humanitarian efforts for down-and-out persons he met and helped without judgement.

I will remember his tireless volunteerism in his chosen place of retirement, above and beyond his shortened tenure as mayor. He was preceded in death by his wife, just 18 months ago.

Rest In Peace, Ron.

[Because of this crisis, my attention is focused on municipal matters, not blogging, a temporary  absence. I invite you to read my previous post, A Can of Sardines, if you have not done so. I also invite you to visit the posts on my blog list and friends/followers.]


Pat - Arkansas said...

I am so sorry about your mayor and friend, Carol. May light perpetual shine upon him, and give him peace.

Hugs, Pat

Lisa said...

Oh! Nitwit, I am so sorry for your lose. I guess it never easy.

He sounds like a wonderful man. May his memory live on forever.

Much Love,


lakeviewer said...

So sorry! He will be missed as your town mourns him. Yes, a good leader motivates others,

faye said...

Always sad to hear that someone has
passed away. Especially someone who
did good deeds for others.

Take care

Arkansas Patti said...

So sorry for the loss of such a selfless man from you life.
We too often hear about the bad politician and not nearly enough about those who use their power to truly help.
Very nice tribute.

Amber Star said...

It is so hard to lose the good ones, and you have my sympathy for your town's loss.

I've gotten way behind on blogging and you know is ok to take time for ourselves. Get yourself right again and we will be here with love and light for you when you need us. If not...just rap on our door.

Kat said...

So sad. I just stopped and prayed for his friends and family. I believe in the power of prayer. I hope you all find comfort.

Thanks for your sweet comment on the photos.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Carol...I'm so sorry to hear heart grieves for you! Will be here, of course, when you the meantime, you'll be in my prayers!! Love, Janine XO

Small City Scenes said...

So sorry for your loss and his family and the town too. My thoughts are with all of you. MB .

Writing Without Periods! said...

Ah, so sorry. It's tough to lose a friend. Sounds like a cool guy.

Liz said...

A lovely tribute, nitwit.