Sunday, May 09, 2010

Treasures in Junk

1, Rocker
While in NC we were invited to lunch with a long-time best friend (BF) of my husband (H).

When we arrived he and a friend had a large yard sale in progress. The assortment of items elicited the quip often defining the mushrooming growth phenom of yard/deck/attic/rummage/garage sales in my lifetime: 'one man's junk/trash is another man's treasure,' author of which is unknown, or lost in antiquity.
2. Rocker, Yard Sale

I sat in the shade of the open garage, people-watching. Several loads of people came and went.

3. Overview - Yard Sale
One lady com-mented she bought hidden "antiques" to resale herself. Without a second look she passed a pedestal Carnival glass candy dish [maybe a copy or retro] and a GlasBake covered casserole bowl in Chrome holding stand, both were at approximately 50 years old.

4. "Hog," Scooter, in Yard Sale
There was a fine collection of knives in mint condition which were advertising, or small tokens given by salesmen as rewards for orders or patronage, provided by a well-known tool company. The knives had become what is known as collectibles.

5. Adult Tricycle NOT For Sale
BF was cooking chicken and rice for us, a favorite of H, next to a concoction known as Chicken Purleau, both similar in ingredients. The aroma wafted  and teased my nasal appetite sensors into the garage.  Several patrons of the yard sale commented about the nose tickling aroma drifting through the garage, lingering under the tent, rising upward over lawn where the garage sale was located, and finally permeatingthe air of the entire block.

6. Dog,Pup Watch Yard
Sale From Car
I have been labeled unAmerican because I do not routinely make garage sales in search of bargains. In fact, I have little  interest in this uniquely American phenomenon.

7. GlasBake Casserole in Stand
At some point BF drifted by me and said H and I could have any items we wanted, free gratis. After repeating the offer to both H and me, I wandered out and looked around. Naturally, I retrieved the casserole in stand and candy dish. H picked out a pocket knife. It seems like there were a couple of other small items, but these were the highlights.

8. Filagee Cut-Out Design
The casserole dish appeared to be a prototype of Pyrex; The stand was corroded with a white, crusty powder. I planned to clean it ASAP. I love the filigree cut-out design. The casserole dish does not fit evenly in the stand. The stand may need some re-shaping.

9. Foot Carnival Candy Dish
The chrome metal casserole dish stand cleaned up wonderfully with a product named Simichrome which polishes nearly every kind of metal. Although it is not recommended for a few things, I have never been disappointed. It is available at
10. Upside down
footed Carnival
Candy Dish con-
verted to Nut Dish
The Carnival Glass footed candy dish was in mint condition. I discovered the footed candy dish might be inverted for a smaller nut dish in the footed portion. Only a NitWit would think of that.

A number of you are avid garage/yard/deck/attic/rummage or any other name sale. Carol of The Writers Front Porch regularly finds great treasures What treasures have you found?

Nitwit: 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
 [gotta get or build a light box for items like the glass and chrome to cut glare and unwanted reflections!]
Husband: 2, 3, 4, 5


faye said...

Years ago when we moved, I had a
huge garage sale. Sold a lot of
junk, but dealing with some of the
penny pinchers wanting to bargain
was enough for me to never have
another sale.

lakeviewer said...

I go up and down on this, some years more up than down. Right now, I'm looking for outdoor furniture to go with the architecture of this old cottage of mine. Anything nautical, though, I grab!

Linda said...

I like your new design.

I try very hard to avoid garage sales as I have no where to put anything else, even treasures.

Arkansas Patti said...

I had my eye on the rocker and the scooter. I am bad at having garage sales for I just give stuff away. I never learned nor cared for the art of haggling. I tend to donate to charity or just put out by the mail box with a "Free to Good Home" sign. Guess I am unAmerican also.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I've never had a yard sale - all my unwanted items go directly to either Goodwill or the landfill. I also, never stop at yard sales - I have too much junk as it is.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Your new blog design is terrific! And love all the photos! I'm not much on garage sale-ing either...but it looks like you walked away with some REAL treasure! Love you! Janine XO

jeannette said...

Was fun to visit your garage sale, 'cause I didn't have to buy anything LOL When the kids were small, it paid off to go to the garage sales for clothes and expensive toys. But now they can go to their own:)