Monday, May 31, 2010

Requiem of Spring

Forsythia buds
Since I am teaching myself PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS from 3 different books, I've little time to write. However, I am posting my early spring photos, most of which you have not seen.

Purple Crocus
Since dizziness and drunkenness have set in with my inner, possibly infectious, ear problem, no telling how these photos well be oriented as I am not oriented perpendicularly, but mostly circularly and swimmingly. Bet you are dizzy after that last sentence!!!

Narcissus- some call these
White Daffodils, Paperwhites
Some photos may bring back memories of my sideways, crick-in-the-neck video clip!

Summer is nigh; already my Texan relatives are complaining of 90+ degree temperatures.

But mid-Spring we were in NC without one of my camera SD cards.

Daffodil Macro
This is a belated Spring 2010 requiem or, if you wish, a prelude to Spring 2011. We can have the "half-full, half-empty glass" of optimism/pessimism. Do not mourn their passing, but wait for their glorious rebirth next Spring!
Dandelion Plant

Wood Hyacinth
Wood Hyacinth
Thanks to Arkansas-Pat for providing me flower name for the last two photos!


Sandi McBride said...

well done! great photos!

Arkansas Patti said...

I can see why you are concentrating more on your photography. Great shots. Don't forsake your writing though.
So sorry to hear you are still on a bit of a bender(ear wise). Hope that leaves you soon.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OMG I got sorta kind of dizzy reading your previous post so this may be the only friend I visit this morning..
So sorry you had such an experience but it does not show with your
Get well is no fun being sick

faye said...

The photos are superb.

Happy memorial Day !!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Great photos! Hope your inner ear problem improves.

CHERI said...

So sorry you are still having problems with that inner ear stuff. My DIL has been to two different doctors and gotten different meds in the past week or so. My DH finally suggested she take some Benadryl that he had been prescribed (higher dosage) and it helped!!! Your pics are gorgeous. I would so love to be able to take great pictures.

Small City Scenes said...

The spring pics are gorgeous. I really like them.

So sorry to hear about your inner ear troubles. Not fun at all. Get better soon. MB