Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What Am I Doing?

Since returning from NC, I have been playing catch-up or something akin to that with my time.

1. This is the first year I felt my allergies could stand creating my own hanging baskets -14 to be exact- and a few pots sitting around the front yard. Yea! for allergy shots that work and an occasional Benadryl on top of a new pricey Rx called Xyzol- a non-drowsy 24-hr. antihistamine.

Upon return the Marigolds were in full array at nurseries and big box stores. Since deer shun Marigolds it was my primary purchase plus some Alyssum and Moss Rose to fill in around the Marigolds.

I finished this project today.

2. Another project was to add some solar lighting, and repair or replace malfunctioning units from last year. This project is ongoing at the moment. I found some great orbit shaped solar lights which rotate colors. My photographic spirit is entranced with light so these mesmerizing spheres were a "have to" purchase. I also purchased some lights for each side of the driveway.  When completed, I'll  try to get some photos, of course.

3. The third project is boring. My housekeeper and I plan a garage sale, hopefully, Memorial Day.

One room in my house is filled with items destined for garage sale, and later some charities, or the dump. Complicating the sorting and pricing, is the fact I allowed the housekeeper to store items for her pet project, a Spay and Neuter program scheduled the end of May

This room looks like the popular TLC series, HOARDERS. 

These projects are in addition to our usual daily schedule.

And Luckie supervises!

I have several unfinished blogs written and add or review them in between errands and duties.

Before July I have HOPE our humble steps will be aglow With Marigolds, Moss Rose and Allysum in blue Maxwell Coffee cans! [Later I will photo the hanging baskets.]

But the highlight of the week is a Hybrid Iris blooming . I had forgotten I had planted a small assortment of hybrid Iris, but after a few years there were no blooms. Ah! but this week... a hor d'oeuvre.

I ordered a text book for Adobe PhotoShop Elements. This little jewel of a shot will be given the PhotoShop treatment as I learn.

PHOTOS: [all by NitWit1, some Straight Out OCamera]
1. Potting items
2. Marigold SOOC
3. Moss Rose and Marigold SOOC
4. Allyssum SOOC
5. Garage Sale Room -1
6. Garage Sale room -2
7. Luckie SOOC
8. Blue Coffee Cans SOOC
9. Hybrid Iris

MOVIE: to show you I am completely discombobulated, I decided to take a movie clip with my Canon Point and Shoot, in the portrait orientation.  HA! HA! -  no way to rotate it that I have found. So I'm posting it anyway.

First movie I've ever attempted with a "still" camera. These gadgets get smarter every day, but the operator sometimes goes the opposite direction.

Don't get a crick in the neck trying to watch it--just consider the weird sense of humor of the photographer.

OOPS! My new composing window has NO movie icon . I wish Blogger would rid itself of buggy programming. In Blogger Help  several people have complained of same deficiency.

Apologies! You will have to wait for the crick in the neck.


Betty said...

That's a beautiful iris. Love 'em.

Silver said...

Hey you.. lovely lovely pictures ;)

I love especially those beautiful blooms and glad to hear of your finished project ! Gardening is something you just have to keep up, and keep on.. and catch up. Thre is no such thing as "finished", actually... but perhaps that is what keeps it rewarding and worthwhile.. ie when we work on them and we get to sit back for a while and catch them at its best.


Arkansas Patti said...

Don't you love solar lights? I have perhaps too many but I just love the idea of free power.
Good idea with the coffee cans. Will probably try that.
Still sneezing a bit here also. Thought the storm would take care of that but I guess not.

lakeviewer said...

From the looks of it, you got so much going on in your place, I'm tired just reading about it. But then, it's o.k if you do everything in moderation, right?

Lisa said...

Once again! You have inspired me! I have so many projects to do around here too but just don't seem to get to them. I think I will turn this thing off and get started! Thank You!

Love your beautiful Iris and the Garage sale sounds like a great idea.


CHERI said...

What beautiful flowers...but 14 hanging baskets! Wow, you've been busy! I just realized YOUR last name isn't Luckie...that's your dog!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Pat - Arkansas said...

You have more energy than I, Carol! Fourteen pots! Go, girl. Glad the allergy meds are working.

Your Iris is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!

The naked ladies you so generous shared with me have grown tall and thrived, and are now beginning to yellow around the tips, so it won't be long until they go into their summer lull. I will plant some annuals around the sides when they die back completely. Can't wait for the blooming period. We shall see what we shall see.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, boy...I will look forward to the crick!!! But in the meantime I'm enjoying that GLORIOUS iris!!! Wow! What a beauty! And I love the creativity of the blue coffee cans as pots! You are brilliant! It will be so beautiful with the blue and the gold! So delighted that your allergy medicine and shots enabled you to do all that planting! Fantastic! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Love you, Janine XO

Sandi McBride said...

So glad so very glad that you are receiving the gift of allergy free (or nearly) life in the yard! Nothing gives pleasure like the ability to plant and share the bounty of flowers and veggies! Love the Iris...mine are in full bloom, too. Happy Mother's Day,