Friday, July 09, 2010


The week began peacefully with our usual church attendance, followed by a surprise from my husband, a meal at Gaston's White River Resort, which has a breakfast buffet Sunday until 2 p.m.

Gaston's is a premier resort, offering a variety of choices in cabin rentals, a well-stocked gift shop, restaurant, small zoo, conference building, small plane day landing strip, river boat rentals, guides, tennis court and other recreational options.

The restaurant sits on the edge of the White River below Bull Shoals Dam; its over-sized windows give an excellent view of flat bottom boats drift fishing for rainbow and brown trout. The full featured menu includes a breakfast buffet on Sunday which in my mind is the best offering on the menu.

Monday was a legal holiday since July 4th was on Sunday, so I accomplished none of my planned weekly assignments.

When Tuesday dawned, the week began a steady downhill trend.  I had appointments to make, but some did not materialize to fit my schedule including my last "in warranty" oil change, etc. on the hybrid SUV , but nevertheless was made for Wednesday..

Plus I had received a letter from my opthamologist to call to make  an appointment for a glaucoma pressure check. to repeat a field of vision test.  The doc is trying to establish if I have glaucoma.

Tuesday I received a call to repeat a previous peripheral vision test; a recent test (my second) did not correlate with the first.

 If you've never had this test, it involves a screen where you look straight ahead and various dots of light appear around the periphery of the screen. You click a device every time you are aware of a light. My hand/eye coordination is not as fast as the lights go.  It is not an uncomfortable test, just annoying.

So I had to make two appointments, one of which extends my schedule into August. They cannot be done together. Grrrr.............

Frustration is beginning to seep into my planning.
Then I drove to an area Farm Supply where I buy dog treats in bulk, some of which are quite small intended for miniature dogs.. Luckie lives for treats, a.k.a. as food in her vocabulary. Since the smallish ones have less calories, she sometimes gets one or two instead of normal sized ones; these seem to  satisfy her "reward" instincts and demands.

Arriving home I sort them by size in various containers, some or which are not empty. I was horrified to find a weevil infestation in some of the containers, despite my Bay Leaf "insecticide."
So I pitched the old hole riddled treats/bay leaves and purchased new bottles of Bay Leaf for the new supply. I HATE weevils despite their alleged "harmless" reputation.

When I lived in Morocco I became acquainted with the  insecticide quality of bay leaves, which were native. It was used by Moroccans in their various flours, cous-cous, and other products prone to weevil infestations, or so I was told.

Since I'm still sore and achy from my fall I skipped exercise class.

Then the Police Auxiliary meeting seemed most disorganized for a major event to start Friday--yeah this Friday is BroStock weekend!

The beginning of a cold/or extreme allergic reaction reared it ugly head. It seemed to intensify when I inhaled a vapor of an insecticide spray used to kill weevils in the trash container.  How stupid can I get. I put on a mask after the first spraying episode.

Then Wednesday I traveled to Harrison for my SUV checkup. Since this was the last  time I could use my original warranty and maintenance agreements, I checked for an add-on policy only to find I would not save any money.

After a brief shopping spree to the Wal-Mart, fueling frustration to a new level..

Now it is Thursday and I called Dr. office for relief--hope she does not want to see me. I just want to stay home all day. Luckily, she did not summon me, but called in an antibiotic for my sore throat. I have plenty of remedies for the remaining symptoms.

Friday and Saturday I volunteered to pull pork for the Memphis BBQ sandwiches to be sold by the Police Auxiliary. This is a 2-hour shift after which I can go home. If some of the pork is not used for sandwiches, whole BBQed chunks will be sold. I hope to get one to freeze. By then I hope frustration as melted into nothingness.


lakeviewer said...

You've got much to think about, besides Luckie's treats. Take it easy, things have a way of sorting themselves into stacks. If the stack prevents you from enjoying yourself, then by all means, dig in and take care of things. Otherwise, let it be.

I've developed a bum knee from going up and down stairs at my daughter's. So, now, I have a different approach to chores.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! You have been so busy and too much going on with your health. I sure hope you are getting better. I was sorry to hear you still have pain and soreness from your fall, was hoping that was doing much better.

I do not like weevils either they can really mess up things. Sorry you had to toss some of Luckie's treats because of the pesky little critters.

Hope your eye tests all come back normal and you have no serious eye issues. Hoping too that all the soreness from the fall goes away and you start feeling great.

Maybe you can enjoy some home and relaxing time after the pork pull. Hope you get some of the pork for your freezer too.

Praying for you.


faye said...

You pack a lot into one short week.
I am tired for you !!

Liz said...

Good grief, I feel tired just reading this!

Hope you're much better now.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Sorry you had such a frustrating week. Hope you're feeling better and that everything gets sorted out.