Monday, July 05, 2010

Learning Some New Tricks

I have been spending my "down time" since my fall from grace, hmm, better stated, ban from ladders, I have been learning how to create slideshows on FlickR and ultimately to create some slideshows with a couple of programs at the requests of some friends for various purposes.

I decided to try the web-based slideshow, which is a no brainer in FlickR before launching my free lance career.  FlickR creates the slideshow after you designate the photos to include.

The editing tools are minimal and difficult to use, in my opinion, especially the "Rotate". Since I take pictures in portrait mode more than landscape mode, I frequently use this or similar tool.  I have one photo that's been rotated left and right 270 degrees, 180 degrees, 90 degrees, so much it must be dizzy. 

The photo of a red rose is soft-focus which gives it a dreamy quality. This was not intentional and I will later use it to create some kind of artsy thing in Photoshop. Sometimes you make a mess with macros when you spot meter for focus and light on the wrong spot! Such was the case.......

So the link below is my first effort of some photos you have already seen, for the most part. Click on link here.


Arkansas Patti said...

It took a while to load but was worth it. Loved the ones where you captured the insects also.
That fire plug is darling.

Anonymous said...

I missed out on all of this. I wonder where I was? Anyway, here I am after your visit to my blog. Thanks for the visit and comment. Glad you liked the macro of the humble bumblebee.

I can't say I enjoyed reading about your injuries or your fall from grace or whatever you called it -- Learning Some New Tricks. But I detected some humor and that is a great sign. Hang in there the world keeps on turning and you want to be all smiles when it stops and you get off.

NitWit1 said...

I was disappointed my descriptions are not included in the slideshow. The fire hydrant has a story. A fire chief with a sense of humor was repainting some faded units. When he got to the hydrant by City Hall he created this original. However, some powers (with no humor) decided that could not stay, even quoted some vague state statutes, maybe federal, and made him repaint it! Glad I got the photo!

Glad I got the shot.

Patty said...

Very nice slide show for your fist attempt.

Anonymous said...

You did very good making the slide show and I enjoyed all the pictures. The flowers and the colorful trees are beautiful. Hugs!

Amber Star said...

I emjoyed that slide show very much. I can do them on Photobucket, but sometimes have a little trouble with my patience. Glad you are getting some spizerink back in ya and all.

Lisa said...

I up load all my pictures to Photobuck.

This is the link

You can go

I love photobuck because of the way I can play with color...the easy up load and the easy sharing...

I do find it very hard to organize my pictures I think I just have to sit down for a couple of hours and just figure it all out. The problem is finding the hours :)

I have a question too :)...How in the world do you put a signature on your photos?????

CHERI said... I'm green with envy!!! Those pictures are GORGEOUS...just the kind I want to learn to take with this $##$%@ new camera!!!! So sorry about your recent accident but glad you are just bruised and nothing worse. Better stay away from ladders for awhile! Of course, I'm one to talk because I'm a "do it myself" type of person much too often!