Thursday, July 29, 2010


Have your blood pressure
checked often by a
trained professional and
also yourself!!!
After more than two weeks of guessing, I believe the nurse practitioner at my clinic has figured out the blood pressure problems as "malignant hypertension."

Rather than go into every detail,  those of you who are interested may follow the link. Some of you may be familiar, maybe too familiar, with this kind of hypertension.

This is a sudden turn in my hypertensive state and probably is the cause of some earlier weird sensations such as my previous post, Dizzy as a Dingbat, Drunk as a Skunk. I have scans of my carotid and renal arteries Thursday. The renal artery is suspected to have cholesterol plaques like other arteries. Like other arteries it can be stented. The only danger is I only have one renal artery and kidney after losing one to cancer 15 years ago.

Investing in a home blood pressure
monitor unit is expensive; be
sure you get a unit where the
cuff fits your left or right
arm correctly!!!
After adding a second blood pressure medicine I feel somewhat better today and less apprehensive. No spikes and no burning and stinging so far today.

I was advised to buy a blood pressure monitoring device from a professional medical supply store as the cuff size can be changed. Most box and drugstore units have only one size cuff--medium. I need a small cuff, despite my flabby wings. I just invested $100 in a drugstore model, only to be told I needed another one to get the most accurate readings.

I will probably heed the advice, but when my b.p. was 202/101 on the recently purchased unit, I knew that was too high and got myself to the physician's office. Plus the new top reading you pump the cuff up to is systolic 300. OUCH!

This diagnosis certainly jump-started my weight loss and better eating resolve. Not Surprisingly I lost 2.5 lbs yesterday. I think the second med may have some diuretic effect. I'm not in favor of diuretics as women seem to abuse them in chasing the magic number on the scale, a very unwise decision for anyone.

As I said, NOT BAD, NOT GOOD, but could be worse. Some my bloggers are facing similar or more serious problems as we age.


Arkansas Patti said...

I guess the good is that you are getting treatment and feeling somewhat better.
Checked that site and will forward it to Jewels who is still struggling and has not improved since the Tuleremia has gone.
Weight loss does work. I have only lost 10 pounds but with careful eating and exercise, I know I can lose more and all ready my blood pressure is down to low prehypertensive when it was high pre. What helps me is writing down EVERYTHING I eat.
Keep working at it lady and hope you feel much better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope with the new meds you are doing better and feeling good in record time. Wishing you the best in losing weight. Hugs

Lorna said...

There was so much of you in that post! You're feisty, which I used to think was a nice way of saying grumpy, but now I'm older and understand it better, it's a fitting compliment.

NitWit1 said...

After ultrasounds Husband and I went to Lowe's and a local medical supply store. I bought ANOTHER home blood pressure monitor kit with cuff as doctor described. Took b.p. on old and new. 124/58 (65) and 120/58 (63). What a waste of money...

lakeviewer said...

When I nursed my daughter and cooked vegan meals for us, I lost five pounds in two weeks and felt great! I was eating no meat or dairy, yet I didn't feel hungry or tired or craving anything. It goes to show that our regular diet may not be nurishing us well. I'm back home, eating everything and craving more.

JUst saying...

Lisa said...

Yicks!!! You really have had a tough time. I wish we were closer I would bring you over dinner.

You know I have never really paid attention to the blood pressure numbers mine are always very low. BUT! Yowza...I should....I guess.

So sorry you got ripped off...that stinks!

Teacher's Pet said...

My goodness...that BP was high...and I'm glad that you are monitoring it....(and I smile as I read about the 'wings'..) I have those. All of us 'angels' have them!!! Continue to take care of yourself and know that I'm thinking of you...

CHERI said...

I just caught up on your blog. I have been out of the loop for several days. Think the heat just has me feeling down and not interested in anything! You have definitely been busy and had a lot going on. So sorry you are having to deal with all that BP stuff. My mother and brother have high BP and I keep expecting myself to have it sooner or later. My best friend has had it for years, even when she was relatively young. You just don't overdo and take care of yourself. Hope ya'll aren't as hot there as we are here in GA. The heat index this week has been up to 116 in some areas around us. It is AWFUL!!!!

Kat said...

Bless your heart! I'm realizing more and more what THEY mean when they say "getting old(er) isn't for sissies". So true, right?

Take care sweet friend.


Small City Scenes said...

I think blood pressure readings are wacky things. Mine is always high even with medication. My late husband--tall and slender--always had right on the money blood pressure readings and the docs always said how healthy he was---And he was. Only thing is he had a stroke and died.---Go figure. I guess when it is your time it is just that. I ain't ready yet. LOL MB

Liz said...

At least you're getting new meds and you know what's what. And I know all about the joys of trying to lose weight! Good luck.