Tuesday, July 20, 2010


FOR ICE CREAM!  Maybe even Luckie!

I heard this ditty every since I was about 5 years old.

During long forgotten hot and steamy summer days, we endured and waited with great anticipation, the ice cream wagon (truck) daily routes in our neighborhood, selling ice cream cones and novelties for nickels or dimes. Ah! those were the days...one of best memories of care-free summers!!

Purina Frosty Paws,
box of 4 cups, one
of which is in
the blue dish
Today I buy novelties from grocery and convenience stores in boxes with varying quantities from two items to two dozen or more!

This week I was re-stocking my favorite Weight Watcher ice cream novelties, latte or strawberry smoothie bars at 1-2 points ea., when I noticed an intriguing box called Frosty Paws.

Thinking this must be a take on "dog days of summer," I grabbed a package to read its contents.  Amazingly, Purina has developed ice cream cups for dogs, 4/pkg. Ingredients were common to dog foods, like soy and whey. Plus Purina seems to have developed several frozen products for our pampered pals.

Of course, I bought a package home. The fun began when I decided to treat Luckie to a frozen delight from the doggy ice cream shoppe a.k.a. our freezer.

Below is series of photos of Luckie, her reaction, or maybe, lack of reaction.

What is the round white blob
messing up my master's newly
painted deck?

OOPS! It is scooting and sliding
across this deck like a hockey
puck or melting ice cube!

BURP! This stuff was not intended to
be gnawed with my back molars!
Or swallowed whole!

WOW! This frozen stuff rocks, but
I have this pain in my eyes--my
mistress has this pain when she
binges on ice cream. She calls
it 'brain freeze!'

I seem to have a fascination with portable potties. This PortaPot was located where the local Police Auxiliary served pulled pork sandwiches, taco in a bag, and drinks during a recent event in town. I am a member of the auxiliary which is trying to raise funds to buy tornado sirens for our somewhat isolated city. It is a big undertaking fund-wise.

The PortaPot was provided by a local septic tank cleaner.

Hope you can read the one-liner
at the bottom of the label. If
not, or click/double-click
to further enlarge print.

I will be in doctor appointments or out of town much of the next two weeks.


Anonymous said...

I have heard about the ice cream from Purina but have not seen it in any of the stores I go to as yet. I would love to see if Chancy likes it...I loooooooove ice cream. Keep enjoying your ice cream Luckie.

The 'pooper scooper' gave me a big laugh.


jeannette said...

Oooh poor doggie's brain freeze!
Hope you'll have good reports from your docs -you'll keep us up to date, will you?

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I had seen the ice cream for dogs and wondered if they would really like it. Guess it depends on the dog. I had a dog who loved to chew on ice in hot weather.

faye said...

I use to buy those 'paws' for
my little schnauzer.. she would
eat anything.

Arkansas Patti said...

That is a really funny sequence of pictures. I totally lost it at "brain freeze."
I will see if they have it here and will check to see if it has any gluten in it as Mighty is intolerant.
Funny post. Hope all appointments go well. We will miss you.

Arkansas Patti said...

PS Sent this on the Jewels at Shine On who needs a good laugh. Besides, Luckie and Brandy could be cousins.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How cute is this post....those pictures of Luckie are adorable and especially your writing us his thoughts. Maybe you should do a doggie book for children. How fun!
My daughter of course living in the big city has served her very spoiled cocker spainel these but not to often since they always tell her Your baby is too fat!
How funny your picture of the porta potty and Patti's picture of a bed. What will I find on my next friends post. hahaha
Take care honey with all your doctors appointments.

Liz said...

Chewing on ice cream! Not to be recommended, Luckie!

I was reading something today about doggy ice cream; I'll have to try and find it.

Lorna said...

Hmmmmm, I hope everyone buying summer treats actually reads the label.

CHERI said...

Poor Luckie...brain freezes hurt! But other than that I bet he enjoyed the ice cream. Hubby and I are ice cream fanatics. We love to make homemade! Like you commented on my blog...why is it that he can eat all the ice cream he wants and not gain a pound and I can look at a picture of anything sweet and gain 5 lbs!!!! Life is definitely not fair. Why did you decide to spell Luckie with an ie instead of y? Just curious!

Dimple said...

This post is a riot! I love Luckie's reactions, and your captions! And the porta pot joke at the end is a hoot, too!
Thanks for the visit!