Monday, April 16, 2012


Bush at corner of Handicap Ramp Platform - View 1

Since most of the blogs I read, mine included are currently enjoying the emergence of spring and signs of summer, today I am posting a mystery of a shrub that has literally taken over a corner of the ADA required platform of the handicap ramp, my husband built when my knees were so bad, and which I still use as my main access to and from the front door.

It appeared as a small sprout a few years back, and I assumed a weed cut it down, but it persistently returned. For a time I would ignore it, but a few springs ago I temporarily had a Feathered Leaf Japanese Maple in a whiskey barrel close to the house where there was some shade. I allowed this little bush to thrive so the Japanese Maple would have some shade as when young these trees will literally curl up and die iin extreme summer heat.

View 2 - Bush Encroachment into Ramp
We transplanted the Maple last year to a bed with some shade after it grew to a respectable size, along with another variety of Japanese Maple. We cut back the mystery bush several times last year, but continued to thrive. No water, no fertilizer and interestingly, no signs of disease.

This year it has become as tall as the house with a very round shape and completely enwraps a corner of the handicap turning platform.

Although we did not every plant any privit, I have assumed this is what the bush is, but friends say it does not have the darker gloss of privit. Whatever it is, it has now blocked the window nearest where I sit inside, and is fast consuming the handicap ramp and surrounding area.

View 3 -  Beast of a Bush
You gardeners, botanists, etc. please identify this beast before it ensnares the entire house!

Below are some macros of leaves, and some kind of buds which I suspect are contributing to our pollen

Photos taken in very windy conditions so some are not sharp, but all are taken by NitWit1 unless otherwise attributed.

View 4 - Leaves
View 5 - Macro of Buds


TexWisGirl said...

i have no idea, but it sure is happy there!

Dimple said...

I don't know what it is, either, but it is very handsome. Too bad it is such an inconvenient place!

rosaria williams said...

It looks like myrtlewood, or bay laurel, even English laurel. Take a branch to your local nursery and ask them to identify it.

Arkansas Patti said...

I have the same thing I think. It was about 8 by 8 when I got here and now is about 30 feet wide and 14 feet tall. It is slowly blocking my view as it runs along my rear fence line.
I had the extension agent come out and he called it a crepe myrtle. I don't think so. Mine gets tiny white flowers in the spring and purple berries in the fall. It is a beast but so far I am OK with it.
Have your extension agent check it out and see if he has a better answer and let me know. Good luck

faye said...

I wish we had that beast along the
back fence so that it would block
the view of the house way back there

rosaria williams said...

I found out from a neighbor that bay keeps ants at bay, and protects the house/garden from other pests too. See, you have a lovely companion that just need a bit of pruning.

Lorna said...

I never can tell one plant from another, one dog from another or one perfume from another (except POISON, which is poison to me)

Nezzy said...

It's clear that this thing is gonna take over your view and your house sweetie!!!

I really don't recognize what it is. Yep, I'd cut a sample and take it to the extension office for ID.

It does look like a crepe myrtle leaf but mine sure don't grow like that.

God bless and have a super great week sweetie!!! :o)

Hilary said...

I don't know what it is but I sure do admire its spirit. Gotta love a survivor. I'd make my peace with it and enjoy a frequently-trimmed existence with it. :)