Sunday, April 08, 2012


Guest Bathroom - Straight View
in from Hallway Door
Before I commence with the subject of the Blog TITLE, the Cowards and Luckie wish and hope this day, called EASTER, has blessed you with HOPE and PEACE, and RENEWAL of all FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP ties that bind us together, regardless of your personal beliefs.

We attended a very special Easter Service planned by our leaders and one Life Group, followed by a finger food luncheon with dear friends, a church family, who seemed to have adopted us, in some capacity which we value deeply.

Our remodeling project is winding down, with some details left. NOW THE CLEANUP and putting everything, including tools, screws, nails and all the thingamajigs (I don't know what they are), in their proper place.

Guest Bathroom - View
Straight In from Hallway Door
I finally picked up the camera and took some shots of the Guest Bath, which serves as my personal dressing room, and the nearest toilet to most of my daily and nightly activities.

All  that is lacking here are drawer and cabinet liners, plus Plexiglass above the back splash and left side of the lavatory to catch the splatter of my electric toothbrush which seems to think the walls and my entire face need its special cleaning efforts.  It is not enough I have to wash my face after daily use of this marvel of dentistry tool, I have to wipe down the walls, lavatory, and fixtures.

Guest Bathroom - View Left Side
From Hall Doorway

I repeat I am not into architecture photography, nor have the proper lens/camera for the job. I haven't the funds for this type camera, anyway.
Then I forgot I had turned the on-camera flash on for some reason and use before this project. However, some light burn is from bathroom fixture.
Flash burn is a bane to me, as I prefer available light photo-graphy.

So some lines will look distorted from the use of wide-angle portion of my zoom lens.

All photos have been subjected to Photoshop Elements, some surprisingly little, and are my work.

Guest Bathroom - View
Left Side from Bathtub
toward Hallway Door

Guest Bathroom - View Right
Side from Bathtub toward
Hallway Door
Guest Bathroom - View Left Side from Bathtub
 toward Hallway Door
Guest Bathroom - View Right
Side from Bathtub toward
Hallway Door


Lorna said...

I am so enamoured of your floor. Blue is a lovely colour for bathrooms, I think.

Liz said...

I could enjoy being a guest there!

Dimple said...

Your bathroom is beautiful. I can relate to the cleanup, we still have some nails and thingamagigs hanging around!

I like your roses (in the more recent post). Reliable and easy care, those are the best qualities a rose can have, IMO!