Friday, April 13, 2012


ADDENDUM:  BEST FRIEND IDENTIFIES THIS ROSE AS A CLIMBING BLAZER ROSE; a very old variety that seems to survive my inattention, except this year I severely pruned it in February and it has bushed out a lot, but will still want to climb. I have no trellises.

Trio of an Old Reliable Roses
certainly not due to my attention which is nil! See further
information  at end of post.
Our attention to renovation has succumbed to personal reactions to the excessive pollen/allergy season. I've had a right earache since December and finally went to my ANP who serves as my primary care doctor, Monday. Yep! I had water behind the eardrum and postnasal drip. Fortunately the symptoms had not advanced further as I usually go straight to chronic bronchitis. I attribute this to a plus as I use pure oxygen at night.

Then I noticed my husband's chronic smoking cough had materially changed but I have nearly quit nagging. learning after 45 years of marriage it mostly falls on deaf, (I mean truly nearly deaf) ears, unless he has at least one hearing aid in. Oh well, my Dad was stone deaf and claimed the TV heard by us in the driveway,  some 300 feet from the TV, he could hear just fine! I wondered what the neighbors thought!
Three Trios-Begonias, Hens & Chicks, Solar Lights
 [I hope to capture the solar butterfly, flower and hum-
mingbird change colors--maybe a video, if  I have time
to read up on how to do it with my new Nikon!]
Wednesday, I had a full day of shopping in a nearby town, so I left home at 8:30 a.m. before he arose. When I returned near 3:30 p.m. he was still in bed with nurse Luckie in attendance. She did not even come to see who entered the house!. He just said he was sick with a "cold or something." I fixed him us some chicken and rice soup and listened to a night of his hacking, gurgling cough.

Next morning (Thursday) I encouraged him to see a doctor somewhere. He has VA clinic privileges as well as Medicare privilege, but he would have to drive to a nearby town; same-day, or even next day appointments are nearly unheard of at those clinics. I even offered to skip my volunteer hours and drive him. And he has used my ANP, in the past, like 4 years ago. No response to that entreaty.

Before my volunteer hours I had errands: stopping at local grocery store for orange juice and chicken noodle soup for him, a stop by my ANP's office to leave the annual fecal occult blood test samples. I inquired at clinic if they had any time in the day to see him, a favor as it is a busy office as the only source of medical attention in our small town. Since he had a file, albeit somewhat inactive, and I was a long-time patient, they could work him in, if he came in before noon.

When I quickly stopped by with the groceries I told him, and if he chose to go, he needed to call--it was his choice.

Before I left the church office for another trip to a nearby town the return a second special order of the same item at a big box store which got a small piece of my mind, I called home. He had gone to see the ANP and had two prescriptions. At least he sounded a wee bit better, and later, ate a wee bit more supper.
Two Trios
Three Begonias and 3 Hens/Chicks. One hen/chick is almost
 hidden by a  green begonia leaf on the right.  May be more
visible in photo above
Since he has emphysema/COPD, I worry about the emphysema, since he doesn't use his inhaler regularly. My COPD /chronic bronchitis is more advanced but I am more regular in my medical regimen.

This is the worst pollen season we've had in years, probably due to the relatively warm winter, but not as bad as the one in Aberdeen NC a few years ago when even the atmosphere was green. Tuesday my housekeeper found green 'dust' every where, despite we do not open windows and I have allergy filters in our HVAC unit.

Needless to say, I've little time to blog! However, I did step out into the pollen polluted air to snap a few shots, which I had noticed a few days ago. Not nearly the quality of some of my work, but I hope to get a second chance later, maybe a couple of night shots.

The red rose is a climber, but I pruned it down to nothing so it might be bushy for awhile. This rose was on our property when we moved here. My best friend keeps telling me its name, which I promptly forget, but it is an old variety which requires virtually NO care, as does my 4 Knock-out roses and 3 miniature roses I cut back this February. You should see their spring bushy growth.

The begonias and hens/chicks have just been planted along with my hanging basket annuals.

Trio of Rose od Old Reliable Rose

This photo was taken at same time as photo at top of blog. Both
photos were taken in the portrait (vertical) mode, a personal
favorite format of mine. It is a rare occurrence two photos are
effective in the landscape and portrait modes in my opinion.

Some photos may be cropped to be in one position or the other.
However, these two photos are not cropped at all, but light was
minimally modified in Adobe Photoshop Elements, as the rose
were entirely in darkest shade at the time of day, I chose to
venture out in the green pollen coated atmosphere.


TexWisGirl said...

glad you have both gotten meds, now.

Arkansas Patti said...

Yep, we are in a green world lately. I was never allergic till I moved here.
Sure hope those meds put him right soon. It is hard to be forced inside when it is so pretty outside, albiet green.

Liz said...

THey are beautiful roses.

Do make sure you take care of both of you. I hope the pollen will change soon and the problem lessen.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How lovely are these roses. OMGosh I would love to smell them! I think this is a awesome pic myself.
Sorry you have so much pollen. We do too. This is the first time I have been attached from it and mowing for my rent out here has really gave me some problems.
Glad your hubby listened to you enough to go get meds. Men can be stubborn especially when it comes to listening to their wifes.
Got to run a friends daughter is getting married in a few hours and I need to dress. lol
Love ya

Lorna said...

Isn't it worrisome? Allergies are apparently increasing by leaps and bounds.

Sandi McBride said...

while we were enjoying your flowerss maman was reading your post and clucking her tongue and saying "men" under her breath...i hope that your man will come to his senses and pay attention to his wiser better half...i think you are an american short keep on keeping on and do not let things get you completely will overcome this, are an american shorthair and that says it all
batgirl (with sandi)

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Pollen has been terible here. Hope the medicine works its magic on your husband. Those roses are so beautiful!