Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Time really flies; I am aware I have not posted since March 27.

We have had a multitude of disruptions in our ordinarily mundane lifestyle which is disoriented with a major improvement project. However, it is not like we are building a house! I keep thinking 'this should not be so time consuming and confusing.' It is nearly completed when some orders are finally received. I guess I'll blame it on old age but I resist that lament.

Everyday I make a list of 4-6 chores to accomplish which should not tax my somewhat low energy level. What is not completed is rolled froward to next day.

Yesterday (Monday) was no exception with 5 items: (1) clean utility room; (2) call Luckie's vet to order some meds; (3) clean ice out of so-called frost-free freezer; (4) collect household trash for Tuesday a.m. pickup; (5) continue outside annual planting hanging baskets and pots.

Summary #1, #2 forward to Tuesday. #3 husband completed. #4 I completed. #5 I watered all that were planted and those awaiting transplanting, and removed price stickers from some pots--no planting.

My excuse is one we always used when I was working-- "It's Monday." There was one disruption after another.

Our carpenter discovered one of our insulated windows was "clouded." This statement provoked my searching the unorganized home improvement box for the lifetime warranty and a phone call which resulted in a "wait until Friday for a return call." Scratch one hour. We had just completed a Saturday of ourselves and 2 helpers washing windows, inside and out, plus cleaning screens, trays, etc. [I don't remember cleaning them, inside & outside,since installation in 1999. Guess I can safely say, "I don't do windows!"]

Meanwhile I remembered my SUV was still stuffed with a Sunday afternoon  WM visit. I was tired from a day of church, Life Group and then shopping, so I only unloaded perishable items Sunday. So scratch  another two hours  dedicated storing of accomplishing tasks like addressing a card to a brother/wife for 50th anniversary. Later in the evening I mounted purchased two wall clocks. My husband mounted a 3rd on our covered deck which also has a barometer and thermometer built-in, kinda neat.

There were  in-coming phone calls, mostly short. I am the designated phone answerer as most calls are for me, but when they are not, I have to search the property for my husband. I am thankful Luckie receives no calls. She just is the "voice" on the recorder. HA HA.

Husband's days have mirrored mine, besides helping the carpenter, he is busy mowing three yards (ours, an absentee neighbor whose property we try to keep minimally neat, and church property). Yesterday he had a neighbor's son, helping him with our property. We used him last year, too.

Late in the afternoon I cleaned the price tags off 10 small flower pots, with charcoal lighter fluid, my favorite gummy, sticky stuff remover. And I lightly watered plants, as I knew rain was likely for the next several days.

In the evening hours I taught myself to use HP's LightScribe to burn a label on a music DVD I had made--not impressed with the results. I want the playlist on the label so I don't have to do an insert, etc.  There was an add-on plug in do that chore, but somehow it did not PLUG IN and I did have latest revision.

Sure 'nuf, I awakened to the soft patter of rain today. I cleaned the utility room before writing this blog. And the Vet office is now open so I am off the finish yesterday's list. Maybe I can take photos of another room today.... I may have forgotten how to use the camera.


Hilary said...

Holy smokes, you're busy! I'm tired just reading about it. ;) Thanks for taking the time to post and to visit. :)

Lorna said...

Really, your success in keeping yourself busy is inspiring, but a bit intimidating. Understandable that the time just flew

Dimple said...

Quite a list! I think I would have done exactly as you did, and take two days (or maybe three!) to complete it!

Your hanger gizmo is great!

Amber Star said...

Y'all have been busy as bird dogs!
We took a little trip to the Hill Country around Austin to look at wildflowers over the weekend and some. We came home in the midst of the tornado craziness. Luckily we didn't have any damage and hardly got any rain out of the storm. There have been no deaths from those monster storms.

It has been a while since we have done the windows inside and out...all of them. We usually get them one bunch at a time. The front ones get cleaned more than others.

Nezzy said...

Yep, it seems that this time of year is busy to put it mildly!!

I've been spendin' waaaay too much time outside on these beautiful days soakin' up some great vitamin D! Woohoo...love it! Got my fingernails dirty too! :o)

God bless ya and have yourself a marvelous Easter sweetie!!! :o)