Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Weird Shaped Grape On This Cluster
You decide!

In recent months I have minimally stayed on my chosen diet by eating a lot of fruit and a few veggies. In this process my favorite fruit has become red seedless grapes, followed by sweet red cherries, a few pears and white nectarines.

This past week I bought grapes from two sources. I wash, drain and discard  stem clusters before storing grapes in closed containers in the fridge. Among one bunch I found the unique red seedless grape I have ever seen.
This unique grape sent me into one of my periods of theory and meditation. Sometimes I, being a person of fervent Biblical faith and also a person trained in a discipline that required considerable science courses, both general and specialized, find myself with a lot of WHYs?

Sectional Grape
[not my best Macro]
Why did this one grape in the same cluster not repeat the genetic map of its companions? Now this one little grape fueled larger questions, nothing new. These WHYs have been asked by far smarter persons than I, from the beginning of time, whenever that began.

In its simplest definition a cancer is a cell gone wrong. Believe me that is very SIMPLE, as research keeps adding conditions. Some believe everybody is born with cancer cells in us. I have not yet arrived there, but I do believe once you have it, and survive, you are in remission, until it reoccurs, or you die from some other malady.

I always have suspected that theory even before I had cancer. But I hounded my kidney surgeon with "did you get it all?" until in exasperation he said, "I got all except what may have escaped microscopically." AH HA! But it has been nearly 16 years and I still believe this personal concept.

My brother's prostate cancer has returned after about 10 years. It is in situ, that is same, or only one place, not metathesized, and he is currently in radiation treatment. I believe he will be in remission again soon.

And yet I believe in a God whose Creation is PERFECT. So I usually come to a few simple conclusions. We, being every generation that has populated the earth from the beginning of mankind on this planet, probably created, and continue to create, situations that result in the appearance of imperfection.

This is just one little philosophy I often ponder, usually conclude that ONE DAY I hope to know WHY.

Now since I have finished this epistle, which may have bored you ad infinitum, here is an almost unrelated question: how many sections in the deformed grape, which may have been the beginning of a single grape, can you count?

It looks like the vine started a grape, changed it mind, and restarted the process, whatever that is, over and over again.

I will post my answer in comments in a couple of days. Hint: it is an uneven #.

PHOTOS: NitWit1 unless otherwise attributed. I am still playing with the diopter macro lens as is clearly visible. I am hunting a small tripod sturdy enough for my somewhat heavy camera.


TexWisGirl said...


and that is cool! :)

Dimple said...

I counted 11, also.

As to perfection and creation: God created everything perfectly. But Adam was tempted and fell, and that set the 2nd law of thermodynamics (everything tends to greater disorder) in motion. Everything has been getting progressively less perfect since then.

Arkansas Patti said...

I'm thinking 13. Hard to tell on those farthest from camera.
It does look like a tumor.

Anonymous said...

I counted 13 sections in that grape. It's probably a mutation from a grapevine gone haywire from genetically modified grape seeds created by the Frankenstein scientists in the labs of Monsanto Corporation, approved by the FDA,and inflitrated into the organically grown vineyards by the winds carrying the seed into the land, then the landowner is sued by Monsanto for using "patented" genetically modified organisms (GMO). The green environmentalists have gone balistic on the web protesting GMO's. It's better to eat grapes harvested in Mexico where they use sewer water for agriculture watering. The bugs are healthier than the Monsanto Frnakenstein chemicals and pesticides sprayed on the produce fields.

NitWit1 said...

There were 11 "grapes" apparently in the 'deformed' grape. NitWit1

rosaria williams said...

I count eleven sections. Your op ed on cell division and the genesis of life/cancer or otherwise, is one reason I love blogs! Yes, we have bits of information about the world, each of us, and we share it this way, without trying to sell a product or service that needs maintenance or guarantee, or...

Good to see you on blogland.

Sandi McBride said...

I think this is not one grape but five or six flowers on a cluster that got fertilized then grew to quickly to separate and thereby became one and chose your bunch to go home to to make you ask why...
love ya

Liz said...

I will have such a lot of questions for God when I meet him! Or maybe it won't seem important then.

I adore seedless grapes and can and do eat them by the bagful - so I don't buy them now.