Monday, March 23, 2009

Luckie and I as kindred spirits....

Although there is much more to know about our adopted shelter dog, Luckie, a long distance phone call Saturday night from my biological half-brother, reminded me Luckie and I are kindred spirits in that we both have had two different, but bridged and blended life experiences. I like to call it a foot in two families.

Because of numerous health problems, and some interesting genetic physical features, I sought my biological roots. Most of my life I lived as a legally adopted child in sheltered and loving environment. This story will probably become a separate blog, but this meeting of biological family members turned out great. I have been blessed with two families, different lifestyles, and I am the oldest sibling in each.

But back to the phone half brother calls me often, but this time he had some disturbing news of more heart problems including a scheduled angioplasty with camera and impending second open heart surgery with less than 50/50 survival. He is the youngest brother in both families but a multiplicity of health problems making any surgery risky.

A phone call to my half sister verified most of his discussion with me. So in some manner we will probably be taking a trip to Texas soon where both families and other friends live, separated in some cases by 200 miles.

I thought I said my "goodbyes" in 2003 when I visited everyone...but I guess there is only one last goodbye.

The discussion at home is if and when to go, debate between flying and driving, plus I'd love for Luckie to go with us, if by car. She is an excellent traveler and I dislike boarding her so much. I much prefer flying and renting cars. My husband is determined we drive, (without Luckie) which wears me out. I need an additional month to return to normal.

Therefore I may be absent for a short time but hope to return soon with more tales of Luckie and myself. I will have my laptop with me, but how I will be occupied and where I am boarding will determine how much I use it.

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