Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Luckie's nickname: Meatloaf

One comment requested I regale the tale how Luckie acquired her nickname, MEATLOAF.

Luckie's life before becoming a shelter dog is mostly unknown: she had a least two litters of puppies, one of which accompanied her to the shelter; she was approximately 2.5 years old; she had been abused by a man, according to the woman surrendering her and her litter to the shelter. I think she may have run loose, hunting, perhaps a need to provide for her litters.

She was somewhat underweight when we brought her home, but that soon was remedied!

One day when I was particularly busy, I put half a frozen aluminum-wrapped meatloaf on the kitchen counter to thaw for supper. My husband and I went somewhere for only a brief period of time and returned. I did not turn my attention to preparing supper until some time later.

When I went to the kitchen to reheat the meatloaf, there was nary a piece of aluminum foil, much less meatloaf to be found!

We had to go out for supper. Either my husband is in cahoots with the dog, as he dislikes meatloaf from his Navy days, or local restaurants want more of our business.

A friend tabbed her MEATLOAF, and she responds---maybe a guilty conscience?

Since this early event in her career with us, we have found she is the worst sneaky food snitch we've ever had. When we leave home we put loaves of bread at least six feet high, clear all counters, tables, and ensure the pantry doors are closed, including where her dog treats are stored. Nothing happens when one of us is home, and that may be a clue.

If we forget or overlook something, we pay. Half loaves of bread including wrapper have regularly disappeared. She ate a whole package of diet Russell Stover chocolate candy (fortunately with no ill effects).

She empties wastebaskets and unlatched garbage bins. She once emptied a trashcan of coffee grinds and filters, slinging the wet filters with grinds everywhere, cabinets, chairs and floor of one room. She must have had a great time.

We can live with the snitching, but I draw the line to her hunting skills of chipmunks and rabbits, especially her bringing them in the house to share with us.


Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

The new space looks great.

Liz said...

George ate our Christmas turkey this last year. I think he and Luckie would get on well.

NitWit1 said...

With George and Luckie as cohorts, I would not have to worry about my weight! Christmas Turkey aces meatloaf, for sure!

Thanks for posts.. I lost one somehow, I have just begun this fun thing called blogging.

I am not particularly a collector, but it is fun to hear fom others around the world Carol