Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peace of Sunday vs. Monday Cayouse

Sunday always brings peace and quiet to our busy lives for 70+aged souls. Thank goodness! because Monday the cayouse begins, at least for me. Since retiring, the frustration of Monday in business has faded, but replaced with as many, but different, frustrations.

Luckie failed to awaken me on time, but she spent the night doing just that, because we were having thunderstorms, which seems unsettles her. Early morning duties were late in starting.

Duties and responsibilities take up my the morning. First I had to update a calendar of a volunteer TeleCare group using City Hall , which led to a discussion of the distasteful events of last Friday with a city official. Nasty stuff...to start my day . Let's say we both raised our voices.

Then the day continues with Silver Sneakers exercise class for an hour, preceded by a trip to pharmacy to leave prescriptions. [Oops, I forgot to go back by, pay for and pick up Rxs.]

It is now noon, and I have not had breakfast or dinner, not exactly a Weight Watcher plan. I am fixing to catch up with fresh fruit.

My husband is preparing our fishing boat for spring fishing, which sounds like a very good idea to me, if wind and weather will just cooperate into one perfect, or nearly perfect day!

Now to see if I can really accomplish something the rest of the day around the house....after I return to the pharmacy for prescriptions. I need an organizer to lead this nitwit around.......

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