Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rambling with Luckie

Luckie decided I should arise early after a difficult Friday, so I made the coffee and fed her; she promptly went back to bed--her mission accomplished.

So I have finished my coffee, while reading my favorite news sites, e-mails and blogs. Now I am mulling and stewing over the difficult Friday which involved, in my opinion, the difficult side of small town politics, and involved dismissal of a volunteer without transparent cause! Ah--I am adopting our new President's vocabulary!

But the day ended nicely with a fish-fry and a computer request at our closest friends' house. And I was able to put the meal in my Weight Watcher diet, because she provided me the menu and scale ahead of time. Isn't that considerate? Normally fried fish is a no-no, but advanced planning allowed it.

Our anticipated trip to Texas is postponed after several long conversations with my half-brother who really appreciated the concern and attention from me and my husband. The trip is what we call "in limbo" for now.

Since the weather is unsettled, today is designated "stay at home" and enjoy it, with many neglected chores awaiting my attention.

Maybe, I'll even plan and cook a balanced, hot meal---I dislike cooking and most duties associated with home which I attribute to my 36 years' in the job force. My husband does help me, especially with outdoor chores.

I achieved one small goal this week-Luckie received her monthly "beauty treatment"-Bath, nail trim, ear clean, etc. and came home with a lovely yellow neck bandanna, looking ready for spring.

Now that the rest of the household is up and moving, so must I.....

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Liz said...

don't you hate it when they get you up and then go back to bed?!