Sunday, June 14, 2009

Didn't It Rain? Luckie says 'enuf of this'

For two consecutive days we have received showers of blessings, i.e. otherwise known as downpours of short duration. but significant accumulation.

Although north central Texas, and to a lesser extent, surrounding states have received an overabundance of rain and some destructive, sometimes tragic, severe weather, in July and August we may long for a cooling downpour. However, humidity preceding and succeeding these storms is oppressive to those of us with respiratory distress.

More showers are predicted for later today and tomorrow!

A Texan blogger, Amber Star of Serenity Days, included several posts about the north central Texas area, and a weather film clip. Dallas streets looked like waterways. See Building an Ark and It is coming again!....looking for my water-wings!

Here in north central Arkansas, we are beginning the search for an ark...too late to build one!

Unlike Noah we haven't been called to preach 120 years nor build an ark-building materials are several continents away. We have a nice sized mountain, Bull Mountain, part of which is in the city limits, actually in the ward I represent as alderman. I took a drive, but found no landlocked ark.

You know the Ark has never been found....for sure..

We do have a boat, but the Marina where it is housed, is not accessible because the lake level has inundated the roads to it. And I don't swim...

I am thankful for the recurrent showers which have watered my new post-Great-Ice-Storm shrubbery and young trees, saving ballooning my water bill. Rain is far more beneficial than city water any day!

But Luckie has developed a fear of thunderstorms.

When we adopted her, Luckie did not appear to have this fear which seemed to develop in the time-frame of her diagnosis as an epileptic. Little is known about the aura that precedes seizures in adults or animals, so maybe the storm triggers that in her doggy memory.

When the thunder begins Luckie gets under the raised footrest of my recliner, in a dark place, or as close to one of us as she can physically get. It is odd. When the storm is over, this behavior ceases.

This morning I awoke to thunder at 4 a.m. Luckie was beneath my foot rest. I have unknowingly lowered the footrest, squeezing her into the cavity underneath the recliner, only her tail is visible. It is a tight fit, but she never utters cry...must not be painful.

So today I am a tad deprived of sleep. Maybe a nap this afternoon? Probably NOT.

If I could catch a rainbow to photograph,the weather would be tolerable!


Arkansas Patti said...

I do so feel for dogs with a fear of storms. Poor Luckie. Nothing seems to soothe them. I had a chihuahua that often inadvertantly ended up trapped inside my recliner. She only felt safe there.
So sorry the rains cause more humidity to stress your breathing. I see a long dry, really hot spell in our future. That should help you.
We are at least a lot cooler for now. Windows open.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I feel so sorry for pets that are traumatized by bad weather. Thank goodness Luckie has a safe place to hide and people to care about her.

We received another light shower this morning, hardly enough to wet the streets, but enough to have to run the windshield wipers on the way to church. Just cloudy now, but could rain again.

I'm sorry, too, that the humidity affects your breathing. It's just my joints that act up before a storm; Pat's Joint-arometer!

Amber Star said...

My friend, Skeeter over in Norman had a tornado yesterday. He suffered no damage and is properly grateful. Nothing scares me like a tornado. The town of Jarrell is still mentioned in hushed tones. That tornado was an F5 and nothing remained...all the houses, all the people, even the highway was sucked up in that one.

Thank you for the mention and wouldn't you know it. We got some plants in the flowerbeds today and I was just too tired to write a bunch of stuff. We have tickets to go to see our farm team baseball team, The Cats! Cats rool. I'm so sorry about Luckie, bless his little heart. He got shut up in your recliner. At least you could see his tail and know to get him out.

I go on about rain, but I love it. I grew up in a 7 year drought and didn't really understand anyone not loving it. I can still smell rain when it is coming and to me that is a vert good smell indeed.

Abe Lincoln said...

I have owned dogs since I was about one year old and I will be 75. Of those I only had one dog that was really nervous about storms and the blessing was that one got to be hard of hearing in old age and could no longer hear them.

I hope you dog is able to recover without any problems.

NitWit1 said...

Luckie thanks all of you for your kind remarks. I have Valium to give her, but I hate to drug her so much. The vet said you cannot over-medicate a Dog with Valium. Maybe so, but one tablet makes me DRUNK...

Right now the sun is shining; current Doppler looks like showers are sliding more to central Arkansas and missing our county.

Looks like Mother Nature's furnace will be stoked for my trip to Hot Springs -- like 90+ and probably high humidity there.

Liz said...

Poor you and poor Luckie. Our old dog, Harvey, developed a fear of thunder and fireworks as he got older and it lasted until he became deaf!

I shall have to look for Arkansas on the map as I don't know hwre it is.