Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Disgruntled Care-Giver

It is a good sign both occupants of Luckie's 2-bed infirmary are rapidly recovering. Yesterday, I ventured to WalMart where I probably encountered millions of germs and viruses, not already inhabiting this old body.

After 2.5 hours of shopping, mostly "window-shopping," as the store is rapidly filling up with all manner of goodies for Christmas, I was exhausted. At least I can chalk up a few Activity Points (called leisure walking) for Weight Watchers (WW). The store was unusually busy--long checkout lines. There was a special of 60 cents/lb. turkey (name brand) and deep price cuts on plasma panel TVs.

[This a.m. WW weigh-in showed 2.5 lb. weekly loss, leaving only 1 lb. of weight gain caused by too many long trips and two steroid shots. YEAH! YEAH!-a new laptop is in my immediate future.]

Shelly was much better after a day of antibiotics and some cough syrup, so he can sleep. He ventured out to take a few high-water pictures of Bull Shoals Lake. Access ramps, and our access to our boat stall are rapidly being inundated with the umpteenth ascent of water to the flood level.

However, our caregiver, is becoming disenchanted with her job. This morning she barked and grumped when breakfast was over an hour late. Luckie and I share a Foodaholic Anonymous membership of two--don't upset our chow wagon.

Truthfully, I am waking up at 5:09 a.m. which would be 6:09 a.m. under Daylight Saving Time. I should just get up as my body is trained to that celestial timetable, but, no, I turn over and go back to sleep for an hour.

Apparently, Luckie's chow time didn't rotate with the time change!

Photo: Luckie dislikes neck scarves her beautician loves to give her each visit!


Arkansas Patti said...

Well that is good news. So glad you are both feeling well enough to be up and about. Luckie has done a good job. But really, Walmart in a weakened condition???
When I was in line at the pharmacist this week at the big W, the lady behind me emptied her lungs repeatedly all over my back and shoulders. They ought to offer curb service for the sick. So far I haven't caught what ever she had.

faye said...

Glad you are feeling better and brave enough to battle the germs at walmart..
Teas-e ( the jack russell terror )
refuses to adjust her inner clock to the time change.. but then she thinks it is lunchtime every hour

lakeviewer said...

You shopped all that time? Lucky will never change with or without daylight savings time.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Glad to hear that both of you are feeling better.

Tell Luckie that while she may not like her kerchief, it adds to her "photogenic-ness."

Sandi McBride said...

I love that picture of Luckie! Why do their beauticians insist on putting pretties on the pretties? LOL...glad your weight loss is constant, and that you are both feeling better...hope you are coping with the time change better than I, wait, you're doing the same thing I do...just going back to sleep!

Patty said...

I went to WalMart this past Friday, we stopped and had breakfast at Bob Evans first, we received a gift card for our birthdays. Got to the store around 9, but it started filling up quickly. I honestly think no one works on Fridays any longer and the way the check out lanes looked, it doesn't look like they are lacking for cash.

I hate the time change, I say now that it is daylight for the kids to get to school, leave the clocks this way, don't go changing them in March. It will take me that long to adjust to this change.

Glad everyone is feeling better at your house.

NitWit1 said...

Thanks for all the well wishers. Even though WalMart was busy and crowded, I ran into only one person who knew me, contrary to meeting half the country side. The checkout line was crowded.

I think Luckie and Teas-e are kin when it comes to food.

Luckie has a very independent spirit to have been an abused dog. When she hit our front door, abuse was erased from her mind.

Lorna said...

Who is Sherry?

Renie Burghardt said...

Love the expression on Luckie's face!

Glad you're both feeling better. The nice sunshine and mild temperatures may have helped? Eileen and I went to Jonesboro, which is 80 miles away and did the new mall. Boy, was that fun, but we were tired that evening! I love leisure walking. It still counts for exercise and it's fun!

Hope your recovery continues and the weight loss as well.

Getting ready for a weeks worth of company, so have lots to do here. But I can't wait to see my granddaughters!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Carol...I'm in stitches...that look on Luckie's face says it ALL!!!!! And then, "don't upset our chow wagon..." and the disenchanted caregiver...Oh, the tears are running down my face...laughing so hard!!! She is too wonderful!!! Such a terrific dog!!! Love this post!! You are so very, very witty, my friend!!! Hope you both are feeling much better very, very soon!!! Love you~Janine XO

Lisa said...

Just stopping by to check on things: I have been out of the posting loop for almost 2 weeks now even on my own blog.

So sorry you have been sick...So Happy you are doing well with your weight watchers...You GO!!

Luckie is a good nurse...all good nurses get sick of there patients ...well sometimes.

Amber Star said...

Glad you are getting better. Did you leave some of your germs at the Walmart in exchange for the ones you picked up? Pets just don't get why we do the silly daylight savings time and neither do I.

Teacher's Pet said...

I wonder if any dog really ever loves those adorable neck scarves...It looks cute on Luckie!
I'm glad that both of you are feeling better.
Smiles from Jackie