Sunday, November 08, 2009

Luckie's Infirmary

Coward's Corner with Luckie is temporarily an infirmary with Luckie as chief of staff.

Sunday Husband (H) announced he was victimized with some "bug." I heard his coughing all night which equaled and often echoed mine.

Today we'll assessed our medical needs. Sometimes it is difficult to get H to accept medical care--tough guy syndrome, but he has arisen asking me to make an appointment. I seem better as long as I don't exert myself; exertion causes the shortness of breath to return.

New meds from asthma/allergy/COPD specialist seem to be taking hold, especially the horse-strength antibiotics and new long-acting inhaler.

Luckie is serving as physician's assistant, nurse practitioner and chief sympathizer. Who can resist those brown eyes pleading with us to get well (but we better not miss her mealtime!) and toss her toys?

Post Script: Luckie says all beds are filled, no new admissions, unless it is her. Cats and dogs are getting swine flu, but I don't think that is what we have---wrong symptoms.


Dimple said...

Get well soon! I'm glad you have such an attentive care-giver!

lakeviewer said...

Oh, sorry. Get well soon.

Teacher's Pet said...

What a sweet photo...and a terrific care-giver.
I'm sorry that you are not feeling well, and I do hope that you feel better soon.

jinksy said...

May wellbeing return to one and all, asap!

Amber Star said...

Ya'll need to get better sooner than later. You've been galavanting all over the place and all you got was a cold/flu and feeling all out of sorts. For real, I hope both you and your hubby are much better soon. Did your friend get the same thing?

I've been trying to keep as close to home as possible, but I don't know how anymore. Went to see "Menopause: The Musical" on Saturday...out to lunch with our son and his family yesterday, and today I went to water aerobics. Hmm...that just isn't working out that well. Everyone seemed healthy everywhere we went.

Luckie is giving Lassie a run for her money as far as taking care of you guys.

faye said...

Teach Luckie to open the fridge..
mealtimes will never be the same.

Hope those sntibiotics work for you.. get well soon.!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh no, you aren't both supposed to get sick at the same time. I know Luckie can give bushels of love, but bet she is miserable at fixing soup.
I am glad at least that you are feeling somewhat better. Hopefully your meds will protect you from hubby's ills.
Please take care of each other and be well soon.

NitWit1 said...

Things are improving, no doubt to our 4-legged care-giver. HA

She's a lousy cook.....eats everything

Pat - Arkansas said...

Oh, my! I hope you and Hubby are soon over the worst of the symptoms. I know Luckie is taking care of you as best as she knows how.

Thinking about you and sending prayerful thoughts your way.

The word verification is "unswin" Can that possibly be a sign that it's not Swin(e) flu that you have?

boots said...

oh bummer being sick, I have been home sick to day too. Like your H I have to be pretty dang sick to get to the dr for help.
but oh that sweet pup, now there is some good pet therapy

Patty said...

Get better soon.

Lorna said...

Take good care of yourselves.