Friday, November 06, 2009


Husband (H) Best Friend (BF) and I completed our round-trip to Little Rock Wednesday to my and BF's asthma/allergy/COPD physician.

As usual BF is in better shape than I am. It seems I have bronchitis annually at same time as my annual trip . On the way home I developed laryngitis. I have quarantined myself to the house until major improvement.

My husband is chanting " oh! happy day." He probably hopes the SILENCE stretches into a week or more.

My physician is changing my medicines. Age seems inviting more attacks. One antibiotic is an older one in a strength I did not know existed. I'm almost afraid to take it, but had made it through two doses without major side effects.

Photos today demonstrate SILENCE a tad too. Serene landscapes are part of a portfolio at least 15 yrs old. Luckie quietly napping were taken Nov. 2.

Luckie Napping and Dozing

Portfolio- photo copies of prints made from slides (about 15 yrs. old)


Pat - Arkansas said...

Luckie looks so serene and contented! She's a sweet dog, as I know from personal experience.

I love, love, love the photos from your old portfolio, especially the cattails. Well done!

jinksy said...

May your throat return to good health before your husband's ears fall off through lack of use!

lakeviewer said...

Luckie better appreciate these serene days of his. Sorry about your state of health these days. Hubby must be losing his ability to talk back, too.

Patty said...

Luckie looks like I feel tonight. Ready for bed at 7:45. Too early, I would be awake at 2 thinking it's time to get up, so I'll just have to prop these eyes open a while longer. LOL Happy week-end.

Patty said...

Also sending you get well wishes.

Renie Burghardt said...

Luckie is a beauty! I love German Shepherds. And the shot of the cattails is nice. I have some at the edge of my pond, and we'll have to thin them out before they take over the pond, but they do add interest to the landscape of the pond.

Sorry about your health, too. I seem to have very similar problems right now, bronchitis and some laryngitis. I dealt with it last November and it took 3 months before it cleared up. Hope it doesn't take as long this time.

My younger son took us to Jonesboro, Arkansas today, (BF and me) and we enjoyed it. My daughter and family are coming for a week for Thanksgiving, and one of the sons as well, so I am trying to get ready for it. Funny comment about your husband singing "oh happy days!"

Have a good weekend!


Dimple said...

Thanks for sharing your contented Luckie, and the beautiful photos from your portfolio. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Teacher's Pet said...

Lovely photos...and I especially love the ones of Luckie...
I want to give Luckie a kiss...but that might awaken'll wait.

Amber Star said...

Sweet drowsy Luckie...she is making me sleepy. My allergies are freakishly mean the past month. I think I have thrush from all the stinking antibiotics I've taken. Hope your new treatments work out well.

The photos are beautiful and so peaceful.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Luckie is so beautiful!!! I love these shots...looks like a perfectly dreamy way to spend the day...I'm inspired ;-) Sure do hope you are feeling better soon...oh, dear laryngitis! So terrible...But your slide conversions are amazingly beautiful!!!! You are so technologically savvy!!! I need your help converting all my old slides...I need your help desperately ;-) Love to you, and prayers for a speedy return to full health!!! Janine XO

faye said...

Luckie has the right name...
he seems contended and that would be the best luck of all.

Really love all your photos..
old or new , they are wonderful.

Hope the throat is better by now..
tho sometimes it is nice to have
silence rumbling around in your own

Thanks for visiting the blog... your comments are always appreciated.

Take care of you.!

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I do like your dog pics. Very nice.

Kat said...

Sweet photos! Hope you feel better soon.


Arkansas Patti said...

Been gone enjoying my company but back now. So sorry you are speachless and hope that is all better now.
The pictures of Luckie made me sleepy. Wasn't sure I could finish the comment.
Take care and just rest. Be well.