Saturday, November 14, 2009


The household is slowly reverting to near normal, none too soon for 4-legged grumpy caregiver Luckie.

In much better health Friday I kept an appointment with local physician. Still wheezy, but in good spirits, I informed her of the horse dose amoxicillin the asthma/allergy physician gave me. She may refer me to a veterinarian for future treatment (joking)

Husband seems to be recovering faster than I; he always seems to "snap out of it" in full speed ahead mode.

Friday I spent day catching up on household duties--so no FOTO-FRIDAY. Today I will continue to play catch-up.

Luckie has not had a late breakfast since I so rudely slept an extra hour, and was soundly berated when I remembered to feed her. Far be it I should upset such a temperamental caregiver. But then we have now reversed roles to her satisfaction; we are caregivers.

Neither of us had H1N1 swine flu, but Doc said she had tested several patients and last week; one patient tested positive.

Although somewhat fatalistic in attitude to epidemics-- you're either get it or not--I am diligently observing some precautionary procedures, especially concerning hand washing, cleaning surfaces, and covering my nose/mouth when sneezing/coughing.

If you participate in activities where facilities are used commonly among participants, such as exercise programs, gyms, etc., carry or use provided sanitizing materials, on weights, exercise bands, even the chair or machines where touched, both before and after use.

Major stores are providing wipes for shopping carts; but grab and extra wipe for your purse or the restroom door when exiting. Sans wipes, use Kleenex, paper towels or any material to avoid touching doors and knobs. Women, think of all the places we set our purses--floor, kitchen counters, car seats, etc.

In our area the H1N1 vaccine is still scarce. Since there is an "A" viral strain in the regular seasonal flu vaccine, there may be some residual protection for swine flu. If H1N1 vaccine become generally available I will have one as I am in a vulnerable group, regardless of my age.

The scarest part of this epidemic is the number of fatalities among children.

Please take sensible everyday precautions, but don't become too obsessed as to make life miserable for yourselves and others.


Sandi McBride said...

So happy that Luckie is the baby again, not the Nannie! I'm sure she is over the moon about her situation, again! Since I have always been the hand washingest woman that Mac ever knew, he has noticed no difference in my routine...except I'm barking out WASH YOUR HANDS every fifteen minutes, lol! Feel good, now...don't overdo!

Amber Star said...

Glad to see that Luckie's duties are going to be lighter. She has been a trooper trying to keep both of ya'll in line.

Glad it wasn't the H1N1 strain for you and your hubby. That would probably take care of us all, well those of us with respiratory problems. It is widespread here in Texas. I got the regular flu shot about 5 weeks ago, so ok there.

Hope you and all continue to improve. Hope Luckie gets some well needed rest, too. :)

Pat - Arkansas said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Luckie looks a bit like she is still sulking from the disruption in her routine.

Grayquill said...

Yes, don't mess with a dog's schedule. They do let one know of the unacceptable human behavior.
I am glad you are on the mend.

Sweetie Pie said...

Luckie is so adorable! Some day I will get a dog. Sigh. Glad to hear that you are doing better and that you didn't test positive for H1N1.

I'm definitely more mindful of cleanliness in the gym, and I also wash my hands as soon as possible after riding on the metro. Riding the metro often involves holding on to a metal pole when adequate seats are not available, and I always shudder to think about the germs. Yuck. Unfortunately, I have eczema on my hands so I have to moisturize like mad as well to balance out all of the hand washing.

I recently found some antibacterial lotion at Bath and Body Works, and I was excited about it. I can't use the gels because the alcohol tears my hands up in a hurry. The lotion makes me feel better in a pinch, and it is much easier on my hands!

Here's wishing you many healthier feeling days ahead and a great weekend!

Teacher's Pet said...

1:25 P.M.
I am glad that you are feeling better, and Luckie is probably even happier...roles are now being reversed!
I agree with you about precautionary measure. I've almost become like 'Monk' ...the obsessive compulsive detective. I have hand sanitizer with me at all times. After I've read a menu, I hand sanitize (imagine all the germs on a menu that has been used again and again..and you know those aren't sanitized!)...and after visiting a salad bar...handling all the dipping spoons... You guessed it: hand sanitizer. It's alarming at the number of deaths of children and pregnant women with this H1N1 virus.
Thank you for the suggestions.
One can't be too careful with this one. It's a dangerous one.
Smiles from Jackie

Patty said...

Glad your household is getting back to normal. Now I hope you stay that way. I bet Luckie is happy to.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a beauty Luckie is!!! I'm so glad that things are returning to normal, and that Luckie is happier with her present circumstances...but she is not as happy as you are, I suspect!!! Great the "wipes" idea for grocery carts...I'm packing some into my purse today!!! Love you!! Janine XO

lakeviewer said...

The last line says it best.
Glad to know you're all feeling better.

faye said...

Good news all around... for you and
especially Luckie..
Hopefully you won't catch the
H1N1.... see a lot of that at work... but then I work in a
hospital lab.. and we use gallons
of the hand rinse... sometimes I
feel a touch too antiseptic.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sooo glad you are both on the mend. Not good when both of you are sick and your only caregiver is a dog that can't cook.
Bet she kept you nourished on love though.
I wonder if all this hand washing might just improve our over all health as a nation. A lot of communicable diseases will have a tougher time getting a toe hold.
Keep getting better.
Good job Luckie.