Sunday, January 24, 2010

Honest- No Fingers Crossed

In the interim, while I am composing Part 3 of the saga, Get Me to the Church on Time, I decided to accept Arkansas Patti's tag. I may not completely comply the rules, but maybe I'll get close enough to keep the blogger police away.

If you have not visited Arkansas Patti's blog, The New Sixty, you are missing good stories, from animal rescues and other pet stories, to unusual employment situations; she is a good read. I am grateful my ramblings are read enough to merit the attention and Arkansas Patti always has appropriate comments.

The Honest Scrap Award

1.I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link it.
2.I must list 10 honest things about myself.
3.I must put a copy of Honest Scrap logo on my blog.
4.I must select at least 7 or 8 other worthy bloggers and list their links.
5.I must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.

I hope whoever created this will forgive me for altering the 4th and 5th requirements because anyone who reads this may claim the award. Most of you are on my blog list and therefore are linked already by clicking on your blog title.

Now to the 10 things I am honest about:

1. I spend/waste way too much time on the Internet. Besides my personal word processing, personal finances, and photo editing, I read newspapers, do research and play a few games, while pots boil over or dry or I burn a biscuit or popcorn to smoking black charcoal in the microwave. UGH! lots of cleanup!

2. I hate dieting and view it as a restriction or deprivation one of life's greatest pleasures. I've tried to convert my thinking to 'changing a life style'; that just doesn't cut it for me when there is a pecan or coconut pie is in the house and one inch rib eye steak on the grill.

3. I am an unabashed dog lover; my husband has accused me of loving the dog more than him. That may be a tad exaggerated, but my veterinarian bills have often exceeded my physicians, prescriptions and associated other medical expenses; let's say several $100/year minimum.

4. I am politically aligned slightly right of center, so no one cares about my politics until campaigns begin. No kidding, ask any person who claims to be independent. The professed far left liberals and right wing conservatives turn their noses up at you until vote getting time. Then are you ever harassed by land, air and sea!

5. I hate most vegetables--the ones that are supposedly good for you. Turnips are the very worst and stink up your house. I can tolerate some vegetables--not turnips-- if slathered with various rich sauces so they slide down quick before you taste them--this includes broccoli, cabbages, kohlrabi. I like fried veggies like okra, squash, onions, eggplant. Starchy veggies I generally like better, but are generally taboo if you diet --corn, potatoes, avocados, peas, dried beans. I liked tomatoes until Doc said no more salt --toss the tomatoes, except fried green tomatoes. I think I've made my point.

6. I love southern gospel, Broadway/movie musicals, and some opera-especially contraltos and tenors-no country&western. I love the musicals of Lerner and Lowe, Rogers and Hammerstein, favorite opera is Carmen, with lead Marilyn Horne. Favorite tenor: Pavarotti. Now I am craving the Susan Boyle CD.

7. Football is my favorite sport. I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan since the team was born and went 1-16 or something like that its first season. Its best coach and QB in my humble opinion: Tom Landry and QB Roger Staubach. But during football season I am watching any team flinging the football: high school, college (my alma mater Univ. of TX), NFL, Arena. I've been known to even watch reruns late at night. Most Texans love football. I was in a marching band in high school. The band followed the team. I absorbed the essentials of the game, sitting in the stands, waiting for half time.

8. Being a native-born and raised Texan, I tend to some exaggeration which I define as emphasizing as defining the truth. Therefore, take these 10 truths with a grain of salt.

9. I have no heroes; therefore I am never disappointed when it is revealed they have feet of clay. If I had to define heroes, it would be more common folk: like the single mother, whether truly single or divorced, who somehow manages to raise one or usually more children to responsible adults and those children rise up and honor her.

10. Part Cherokee, I have several traits attributed to persons of Indian descent: difficulty in forgiving, and worse, if someone commits a grievance against a friend, they might as well have done it to me. I don't trade with them and avoid them in all situations. I've known the aggrieved person to forgive and forget before me.

11. Bonus-1: I am adopted. My parents adopted me as an infant as their first child, they had a son, and then adopted another baby girl. I had a typical Texan conservative, comfortable lifestyle. Because of a host of unusual medical problems, at age 64, I was able to meet my biological family. I have a half sister and two half brothers, one recently deceased. There are a host of aunts and uncles, most of whom I've met plus a an untold number of their children and grandchildren.

12. Bonus-2. I am religious but definitely no saint, and I hope not sanctimonious or hypocritical.

So there you are--hope it was not too boring. And YES I am watching a football game--my second of the day. Who am I for? This year: May the best team win, which of course, whoever wins is the best team today!


lakeviewer said...

Hey, I knew lots about you, but not this stuff. Good SCrap!

Arkansas Patti said...

Well done Nitwit. I could nod agreement to several and wish I had thought of them. Interesting revelations.
Who do they think they are kidding with this "change of lifestyle" label?? It is a DIET and it stinks. Good luck, I am still trying.
Thanks for the kind words.

NitWit1 said...

Lakeviewer and AR Patti: I thought of several more after I finished.

We are trekking to Branson for our postposed trip to buy shoes today, after I make my TeleCare calls; today is my assigned duty.

I have a volunteer who begged for more work, so I gave her all my Mondays. Wonderful to have such gung-ho volunteers for a job that can get boring if you don't remember the goals.

I probably could get the shoes via Internet shopping, but Husband WANTS to go, so I am taking advantage, as he usually hates to shop with me!!!

Lorna said...

You got to love honesty creatively presented.

Amber Star said...

Those are some good tales. I've slipped in my lifestyle changes and incorporated some things that should go to someone else's lifestyle. Candy, cookies, and cakes are the ones. Any takers? *looking around*

Enjoy shopping today. It is very pretty here today.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on your Award! I see why you got this....I find all your comments full of Honesty and I appreciate them all along with your insight.

I didn't even know what COPD was...I had to look it up. I am so sorry you both have this. It sounds really rough.

Cancer research is so important!

Liz said...

Oh how can you hate vegetables?!

Oh, flip, I just yawned and stretched at the same time and now my back is twinging!! I'd better not do any housework today.

I agree with you (previous post) about young people earning their money by working. I'm not keen on the sort of sponsored event that involves e.g. shaving your hair off. Far better to do some meaningful task.

Linda said...

I grew up in Texas, and yes I exaggerate when I speak. We spend way more on vet bills than doctor bills.

I'd like to hear more about your relationship with your biological family.