Monday, January 11, 2010

Persistence Pays

Persistence pays or it maybe described as stubborn refusal to admit defeat.

After working until after dark Friday night our plumber and husband (H) decided to return to the task at hand Saturday. The silcock/spigot/faucet in the old concrete block building cleared Friday night, so we had a water source from which to collect water for toilet flushes.

The plumber arrived at 8 a.m. H and I were still drinking coffee made with bottled water and dumping stored water to into toilet tanks to flush toilets. Since the plumber returned so bright and early H was energized to return to the weary task of hunting the frozen blockages. Out in the frigid 3 deg. weather they went.

They focused on areas where the water service line exited the concrete block building and entered the manufactured home, as well as various pipe joints underneath the house.

My job was to inform them when water began to flow from open indoor faucets.

Time lagged on; I visited my blog list, posted an update of our tribulations. I answered numerous phone calls checking on our welfare and one lengthy call concerning a city matter at about 11 a.m. This last call went on and on from one subject to another, my fault as much as the caller ,as we discussed several other subjects. I was bored into inattention to my assigned duties.

What else was there to do while waiting for water to run? During this last call, H came in the house briefly and left again.

Shortly after H exited outdoors and under the house, my conversation ended. I decided to stretch my legs and walked around. Lo and behold I witnessed water running in the bar sink, the kitchen sink and the master bathroom. The running water was not noisy so I did not hear it.

I figured that was H's reason for coming in the house. But I opened the back door, and gingerly stepped on the somewhat iced stoop. I called to the guys under the house. No response, so I returned to my own agenda.

Near 11:30 a.m. H, looking dejected and weary, came inside and sat at a table near me. As I pecked on my laptop I said, "I see we have water." H doesn't hear well, said, "No, not yet and we quit for the day; I've turned everything off again."

Realizing he misunderstood me, I repeated, "Yes we have water. I saw it and even tested additional faucets, both hot and cold taps--we have WATER."

I could see his mood change. After I convinced him, he moseyed out to the city drop box and turned the water on. When he returned to see the faucets running water, he immediately called the plumber [a personal friend] to inform him, we had water.

H and the plumber were two weary, happy, frozen persons at the moment of sharing the good news they had succeeded.

His previous trip in the house was to check if water was flowing and it was not. I guess it started immediately after the phone call terminated.

We have one busted pipe but it only provides water to front and rear outside spigots. Fortunately, it has a shutoff valve. Repair/replacement can wait until spring and summer.

Saturday night indoor faucets were opened to allow water movement in the water service system.... and are still heck with the water bill!

Happiness is the sound of flushing toilets, swish-swish-swish sound of water in dishwashers and clothes washers, cool water and ice from the refrigerator/freezer dispensers, and the cleansing sound of hot and cold water for showers.

These Arkies have learned a lesson: Do not ignore Mother Nature!!!


faye said...

Glad you have water ... I know you
must be happy... I am amazed that
you could get a plumber out in such weather... but then you did say he was a friend... and a darn good one.
Now stay inside and be safe... no
treading on ice...

Arkansas Patti said...

Wonderful new Carol. As I clicked on your site, I had everything I owned crossed, eyes, fingers, toes(that was hard) and legs.
You all have really been through a spell haven't you with the sickness and then no water? Tough way to start the year but perhaps you got all your bad luck for the year out of the way.
Now go flush that toilet again even though it doesn't need it.

NitWit1 said...

Faye and AR Patti: It has been a streak of unfortunate events, but we could have prevented the frozen pipes, but not the health issues. However, it is life.

AR Patti: I actually have a hammer toe that is all but crossed on the middle toe. And I have no intention of fixing it as long as I can find shoes to fit and there is no pain. I broke it so many years ago I can't remember.

We were weary from illness but still no excuse for not dripping faucets. Husband was weary from his illness bout and having to contend with the weather. I was too busy watching FOOTBALL.

The weather has locked me inside and seems to have been beneficial. I am nearly bronchitis free. I really don't mind the indoors, but don't want to be a hermit!

Small City Scenes said...

Yes, Mother Nature is not to be ignored. I am so glad you all finally have water. It sure is something we take for granted.
So I am so happy for you. Flush away!!! MB

Linda said...

It's amazing how much we take for granted until we no longer have it.

I would hate going back to the days of out-houses, and wringer type washing machines.

Liz said...


Nezzy said...

We drip big time here. The electric or water bill can't compare to having water and not payin' a plumber. I'm so happy your runnin' hot and cold again!

Have a greatly blessed day!!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Great news about the water! At least you didn't have to worry about the water pump. Since I have my own well, I worried about mine. But all is fine, and we got up to 45 today! Fifty by Thursday. WooHoo, time to get out my shorts. LOL. Yeah right!

Hope it warms up there a bit, real soon!



Amber Star said...

What joy our small conviences bring and how miserable we are without them. I'm truly happy for your return to civilization. Fortunately, so far we haven't had any frozen pipes from this mess. It didn't get as cold here as it did where you are. But there were many pipes around here that did break. Just heard it on the news.

Anonymous said...

I remember that we had to drip the water and then I got some tapes that wrapped around the water pipes and they had a thermostat on them so they would keep the pipe from freezing and we stopped dripping water.

Patty said...

Hooray for you, frozen husband and his frozen friend. Check into some kind of wrapping for the pipes, if you know where it was froze up, you might only have to wrap that section.

Roxann said...

Glad you have your water back, too! Definitely cannot ignore Mother Nature anymore here either :)

Dimple said...

So glad you have your water back! We are a long way from hauling water from the well these days!