Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This, That, and Something Else

Monday, we finally made the postponed trip to Branson's Outlet Malls for shoes. It was very windy, cold day marked by clouds and sun with snow flurries, which may be the precursor of Thursday and Friday's forecast---not pleasant-- rain, ice and snow, in that order.

After brief discussion Sunday, and a glance at the 10 day forecast we decided Monday was the best day of the 10 days for our Branson trek. We left at 10 a.m. and arrived at 11:30 a.m. in front of one of 3 factory outlet malls in Branson. My trusty GPS navigation system, Jezebel, put me right in the middle of the complex of stores.

Out of Harrison on Hwy 65, Jezebel's cursor which represents our vehicle appeared to be tracking in Never,Neverland-- no roadway, yet we were headed right and no fussing from Jezzie. Finally we figured it out when Jezzie miraculously was on Hwy 65 again. The road on the GPS said NEW HWY 65. Apparently, NEW Hwy 65 out of Harrison was routed and paved after the mapping to connect to NEW HWY 65 into Branson.

As I have a weird sense of humor I thought it very humorous this techie marvel was not infallible but still got us to the right place. And sometimes it doesn't. It is only as good as the software which is only as accurate as the mapping and computer input persons. That is why my home is shown in the middle of a gully [no street] several blocks from its actual location. I had to personally remap my home!

I learned college students were employed to map rural locations during spring or summer breaks. Instead of actually driving the roads in small towns, they obrtained various local maps and in some manner input the information. Unfortunately our city map is not accurate, either.

Branson is still in the hilly Ozarks and this mall was built on several levels. Fortunately, parking was arranged in sections, where you did not have to climb stairs or ramps, something Husband and I dreaded as we both dread much walking and climbing.

The Easy Spirit Outlet Store was in front of our parking space--another great omen for the day. Originally, there were two Easy Spirit Outlets in Branson. This location was not the one I previously visited. When I entered, I asked about the other store. The clerk said there is only one there now. Another good omen! I somehow picked the right outlet mall of the three to visit first, and as it turned out, the only one we had to visit!!!

Husband found a pair of Nunn Bush shoes in the Easy Spirit Store and then a short walk away was a Red Wing Outlet Store where he found his insulated, waterproof boots. Previously, Easy Spirit Stores, featured shoes for women,and had no shoes for men. I'm not sure what has changed, maybe Nunn Bush and Easy Spirit merged. Nunn Bush stores were originally men only shoes.

I bought three pairs of walking shoes at Easy Spirit. Another positive of the day is I have lost enough weight my shoe size is one half a size smaller, but still requires a Wide because of arthritic, gouty big toe joints. In fact I probably could have gone down a whole size, as the heels of the new ones still slide up and down. as did the original size I was replacing.

Coincidentally, I discovered why my big toes were sore. I mentioned this in a previous post [Ouch!, Oh My Aching Body Parts!]. I seem to have either dropped something on them, like a frozen package out of the freezer, or stubbed them both. They are bruised and blood is under the nail. Guess I'll be losing both nails. No big deal. It has happened before. It takes 9 months to regrow the big toe nail. I've done it before. and it is not painful!Hmm you can have a baby in 9 months, too. At my age, I'll settle for new large toe nails and no pain.

Another subject I'll throw in. I've alluded to having both an adoptive and biological family several times, most recently in Honest - No Fingers Crossed. I have had a few asked for more about my biological family, I feel I need to explain I've considered their privacy seriously, as well as that of my adoptive family. Finding a biological family is a very emotional event to all concerned; the out come may be an unbelievable reunion, or it may be complete rejection, and all sorts of things in between.

At some point I may write about the process and reunion but it will be very general so as to protect the privacy of all concerned. If you are interested for personal reasons, e-mail me. I'll be glad to share the process and advise you of pitfalls.

Now to my football passions. Since my COWBOYS could not make it past the second round of playoffs, which was as predicted, I have a hard time taking sides. All the teams appealed to me, but the Vikes/Saints was particularly difficult. How can you not cheer for a 40 yr. old QB who just completed his best season he ever had? Or how can I not cheer for a team from a city having been totally devastated by a natural disaster, including the sports Dome, and never made a trip to the Super Bowl. Or how about a team that that seemingly was out of the running for a playoff spot but all the variables came together to for them and they made it to the second round, only to lose to the Colts? And the P. Manning is one of my faves, too.
So we now know the final two: Colts vs. Saints? I still have a dilemma, But it should be one heck of an aerial display.

The deep clean of my house, now that most aches and pains have lessened, was well worth the cost. One room was not touched for several reasons., I am devoting one hour per day working in it. Maybe by the time the house cleaner returns, it will be in much better shape. Since most of house is now deep cleaned, she only comes every other week for 4 hours. If I can keep it in some kind of order, she will have time for such things as cleaning the refrigerator, etc.

Yes, I am still working on Part 3 Get Me to the Church on Time. It's more difficult to remember the exact sequence of some important events. I may have to wing it because I'm almost sure Husband doesn't remember, either. He professes he doesn't think he said, "I do!" But it will get done.


Arkansas Patti said...

Ouch, so sorry about your toes but so glad you have great new shoes to put them in. I too go to Branson mainly for shoes. For me it is 2.5 hours one way but so worth it.
The college temps working on our GPS info explains a lot. Thanks, I didn't know.
Keeping my fingers crossed we don't have a repeat of last years ice storms. Can only wait now.

Small City Scenes said...

Quite a story you have there.
I avoid malls if I can. Two towns up is a vey small mall I sometimes go to but the bigger ones I just don't go to. It just seems not a plesant experience to me.
I am glad you all found shoes that are comfortable. MB

Lorna said...

Outlet malls! Great but they should have napping rooms. I once delivered a baby and lost a toenail on the same day. I'd dropped an iron on my foot months before and the damn toenail was flapping around and scraping against the sheet. A compassionate cleaner cut it off after the nurse said she wasn't allowed, and they'd have to get a doctor--maybe the next day.

Lisa said...

You are so right! The whole thing is frightening...

I have to get focused on our school work today...I will be back to read your post.

Just wanted to say thank you! and a hello.

Linda said...

I'm jealous of anyone with a person to clean their house. Sorry about your toes but your new shoes look nice.

Anonymous said...

What a neat and thoughtful post. I hope you still got both big toe nails.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Always enjoy my visit here with you. Glad you and hubby did so well at the outlet mall. Good that he will shop with you.
Your feet sound like my feet. For some reason the last few years I have got some issues going with my big toes. Sorry about yours.
Good luck with your meeting your extended family. I pray it works out for all of you

faye said...

My GPS has a mind of its own... and yes it will get me to my designated end point, but usually I know a short cut and can get there faster.....
Now I think I want to go to Branson... just to shop.
Take care of the toe nails !!

willow said...

I remember when Branson was just a little bit of a town!

lakeviewer said...

Yeah, you got out to find good walking shoes. Now I know why my GPS thinks forest roads are regular two-laners.

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Hey woman! Sorry about those toes. I broke 2 toes last Spring and it was very painful!!
We will be rooting for Peyton! We were totally disgusted with the Saints dirty antics last week! There was NO REASON whatsoever to put so many late hits on Brett AFTER he'd thrown the ball! They tried to injure him on purpose to get him out of the game! This to us was very un-sportsman like conduct!We have been hearing many comments from life long Saints fans who feel the same.I hope they don't injure Peyton with their dirty play.