Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lack of Attention to Detail Lesson

Still frozen and without water in the Ozarks. This is turning out to be a painful lesson of inattention to weather and detail.

At this time inconvenience is the only problem. We are hauling water for toilets and buying drinking/cooking water.

The plumber is here again this morning, but I am beginning to think warmer weather may be the cure. The low last night was 7 degrees and wind chill 0 degrees. What was frozen is still frozen; that is a given.

We are arranging showers at a friend's house so we don't go to church smelling . We have clean clothes but if this drags on I'll have to go to a laundromat.

As a side note, we once had a gentleman who attended church in obviously tattered clothing and an odor that caused me to gag if he sat within four pew rows of me. Once he came in late and sat next to my husband. I had to put a Kleenex and my hand over my mouth and nose to finish the service. It was very hard to have a charitable attitude. The church provided him clothing and some items for bodily cleanliness, mainly SOAP and deodorant, but he failed to get the message. Maybe he had no water. I don't know what became of him; he disappeared from the congregation.

Friday (15th) I've employed a house cleaner to deep-clean the house, but she requires water! I am exciting to have someone to do this for me, and then I plan to employ someone twice a month to keep it that way, as long as finances allow. I have already begun sifting mounds of paper and pitching unneeded records.

Stay tuned! to the epic adventures of Golden Agers As the World Turns...........without the gold!!!


jinksy said...

Before I employed a cleaner, I'd have to clean everything myself first so she'd not think me dirty! Hehehe... I have some mega cobwebs in a hard to reach spot!

Linda said...

Your situation gets old very quick. Hope you don't have broken pipes when it is over.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, I'm so very, very sorry to hear this!!! Frozen water lines!!! How simply horrid!!!! Will pray that the plumber is able to fix it pronto!!!! Wish I could do something to help!!! Too bad we don't live could come stay with us until everything were fixed. Sending you love, and many, many prayers, Janine XO

Renie Burghardt said...

Well, sounds like you're handling the situation, Carol. I have one more night of worrying about the pipes, then we'll moderate. Actually, today we got to 25 with lots of sunshine, and it felt like a heat wave! Next week, back to our normal 50! Did I tell you I despise winter in the Ozarks? Probably, and am tellig it again.

Hope things get back to normal soon!



faye said...

Sorry to hear about your water woes..a major headache. But good
news that you have cleaner coming in to help you.
Stay warm ....

Small City Scenes said...

Frozen pipes=--the worst. Last winter a pipe at front of the house broke and flooded one bathroom. I didn't like it. I hope the frozen troubles are soon over.

How nice to hire a house cleaner. When my husband was ill (for 4 years) I hired a lady for once a week to care for him so I could get out and she cleaned too. It was heaven. MB

Anonymous said...

The man is like a hermit. Stinks. Someone should walk him into a shower. It is not being charitable to let him go on thinking he smells like roses.

Arkansas Patti said...

I learned long ago that I could do with out a lot of things but the thing I missed the most was when hurricanes left us with out running water.
The grandest sound you will hear when this ordeal is over is the sound of a toilet flushing.
I'm sending my 43 degree temps your way. Hope this is all behind you soon.
Love the idea of someone to clean the house. That is my dream scenario.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I feel very much out of sync with the majority, since we're expecting more heat and even bush fires in parts of the country today. I think Jan/Feb stinks in both hemispheres!

Rinkly Rimes said...

Let's hope the cold kills off germs!

Amber Star said...

There have been a lot of people here in Fort Worth who had frozen pipes. My cousin, Pyewacket Cat's were frozen, but now they are running. Somehow that reminded me of "Amazing Grace" She is saved now from the lack of water. However, she has lived in North Pole, Alaska and most of the people have dry houses. No plumbing at all. If you go to the outhouse and there is a moose..well, you take a rifle with you, I guess.

Having someone to come in to clean has been the greatest luxury these past few months. We even try to keep it a little more picked up between times. It also gives me the time to get some things cleaned that need it, but they don't know or have time. Like the disposal. Lord have mercy it was so gross the other day. I got that done before they came, but I have to have my husband get the thing loose for me.