Wednesday, June 02, 2010


The blog of an accomplished photographer [Small City Scenes of Smallwood] has reported the theft of some of her work, used by a site, called PHOTO WORLD NEWS. Apparently this has occurred more than once.

I could not find a link to the site, but decided I really did not want to provide one. There are lots of illegitimate sites purporting to deliver news, stealing others' creativity and practicing outright plagiarism.

No matter what you think of your own creativity, whatever it is, you own it and deserve at least a nod of recognition.

Recently, I purchased an inexpensive collection of nearly 1 million pieces of clip art, photographs, and other graphics. The software collection has specific instructions how it may be used, primarily non-commercial use. Using this software's graphics which are recognizable logos and likely trademarked is prohibited except in very elementary situations like home-made greeting cards. To be responsible, I have adopted the extra precaution of crediting the software, when I use its contents.

Now photography is a 1st love of mine, but I know despite my limited skills I'll never make a living at it. So I have, on more than one occasion asked for attribution if used by others. 

Apparently stealing photos by PHOTO WORLD NEWS is habitually, not an unintentional oversight.

When I started blogging I used the Internet for illustration, too, but I soon realized even web pages are copyrighted.  On occasion in my zeal to have graphics in my blog, I overlooked a copyright mark. Sometimes I discovered it after posting, or much later. I tried to make corrections.

As a substitute for posting possibly copyrighted creativity myself, I have adopted a policy of linking to the site where proper attribution is already given.  My blog may be less attractive in layout, less I unintentionally offend or slight someone's creativity.

There is a fee free (I think) license called Creative Commons some bloggers use. Whether it is a deterrent to unauthorized use of your creativity, I cannot say.

P.S. For those following my current malady, Dizzy as a Dingbat, Drunk as a Skunk, I am improving.

First Rosebud of Spring - 2010
NitWit1 photo


Arkansas Patti said...

I don't know how it is done but I see some photo blogs are able to put their copyright in small letters right on the photos.
Pure Florida from my blog list does this.
Good luck.

Linda said...

I am so glad to hear you are improving.

faye said...

Thanks for the info.
I don't understand why anyone would
want to use another person's
photos and not give credit to the
photographer.Using a watermark
would be a deterrent , but then
there is always a way around that

Lisa said...

First, If I haven't said it before I meant too. I like the new look.

The photo of the rose is just beautiful! I love the way you have the rose off the "page" so to speak. I really see great progress in your photography! Not that I know what I'm doing either but I know what I like. I'm like you trying to learn more, having fun with photo shop ((when I have the time...or steal the time from something else.))

I think learning the blogging rules takes time and with maturity blogs grow in beauty.

PS ~ The photos of the flowers are really nice :)

lakeviewer said...

Glad you are improving! If it isn't one malady, is another among our senior belles. We must form a cooperative of sorts, just to check symptoms.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

That rose bud looks perfect - a great picture. Glad you are improving.

NitWit1 said...

THanks for comments. I'm at a loss how I got the offset effect of rosebud which is soft focused, also not intentional, either!!! But I like the effect of " a memory of something beautiful."

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Such a GORGEOUS photo, Carol...and I think putting watermarks on photos does help a bit with the plagiarism...but I'm with you, it is really terrible to discover that your work has been plagiarized. And very expensive to prosecute...I'm like you...careful not to post photos without attribution and permission...or in the public domain...That's one of the reasons I started posting my own art...easier to illustrate my own posts with my own photos or paintings...

SOOOOOO glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better!!! Praying it continues and that you are soon completely recovered!!!! Love, Janine XO

flowerweaver said...

We are having the year of the yucca down here, too! Only we had a mesocyclone come through and knock about a third of them down. Your photos are lovely.