Friday, June 18, 2010


Summer Sunshine means
Coneflowers, Black-Eyed Susans
Dressed in purple, gold and brown, the splashy color guards stand like a clustered infantry near an old outbuilding, proudly lifting their faces to the sun.

Without ruffles and flourishes, year after year faithfully they appear to resume their assigned June duty.  Without oversight or inspection, they appear fully adorned in their perennial assigned uniforms.
Never faltering in reporting for duty, these sentinels of June are resilient survivalists, who herald the transition from Spring to Summer.
Purple Coneflower, Black Butterfly
This imagery is an exaggeration of my bountiful display of Purple Coneflowers and Black-Eyed Susans. This year I have an overabundance of these beauties, which self-seed and seems to thrive, despite my benign neglect.

So today I salute these beauties. Both have prominent brown spiny central disks which rise about the surrounding petals. The  disks resemble small inverted brown ice cream cones, swaying in the wind.

WOW! More Sunshine!
Asiatic Lilies Found Daylight
Above Black-Eyed Susan brigade!
These flowers were planted several years back and I've lost track of their identification. The purplish flower I think is the genus Echinacea and commonly called Purple Coneflower. The Black-Eyed Susans, a name which seems to apply to several genera, appears to be genus Rudbeckia and is commonly included in the "coneflower"  family. Some of you gardeners and or botanists who pass through my blog may correct me. I did not make an A+ in botany or pharmacognosy (but did pass both subjects required by my degree)!

Purple Coneflower and Black-Eyed Susans
SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)

P.S. The Black-Eyed Susan is actually a wildflower, widespread in US. I bought these starts from a local nursery. However, I have some natural wild ones in a ditch. The difference, if any, cannot be detected by my untrained eye. I will post them soon.
[Needless to say, I have a plethora of images of these flowers, and, of wildflowers growing in the stormwater drainage ditch in front of my property....stay tuned as I will be adding then as I have time to sort.]


faye said...

Love the wildflowers.
That is about all that will grow
on our property. Those that can survive the heat and remain out of my mowing range.

jinksy said...

Did you intend to have the yellow highlights? If you wanted to remove them, there's a drop down list on the 'check spelling' thing, that allows you to click 'ignore', and the yellow background will disappear, I've discovered! Loved you pretty flowers...

Arkansas Patti said...

Ah yes, lots of Black eyed Susans in the ditches now days. Just lovely. Wonder if you can transplant them.
Great shots.

Ginny said...

I love the cone flower too! We don't get too many black-eyed susans, but I wish we did. Do you also get bee-balm. I don't know the real name for it, but they look similar to the cone flower. Love the photos! I feel like I am walking in a field of flowers without leaving my drab desk. Thanks!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Wonderful photos, Carol, and your prose is almost poetry! My helpful (?) neighbor destroyed my Blackeyed Susan with his weedeater, but there is a bit of new growth at the base of the mangled stems, so I'm hopeful for next year.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

So, so beautiful! Your photography is simply extraordinary...and I love the way the new blog design shows your work off to full advantage!!! The larger photo sizing is WONDERFUL!!!! Loved this!!! Have a lovely weekend!!! Love, Janine XO

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Your pictures of the flowers are so pretty. I like wildflowers because they require minimal upkeep.

Anonymous said...

The flowers are very nice and you are a little father along than we are here in Ohio.

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful flowers---I like them both. I love wildflowers and prefer a garden to look that way instead of a manicured formal garden. (which of course has its place but not at my house). MB

lakeviewer said...

Loved these pictures. I will have to plant me some of these, to go in my wild places. Good to see you around.

Amber Star said...

Our purple coneflowers are just beginning to fade a litle. I've deadheaded some other flowers and they are blooming again. Last year I bought Bee Balm and I love it! It didn't do much at all last year, but this year has been a good one. The daylillies have been so pretty this year, too.

Lisa said...

Wow! What beautiful flowers!!! I love the Black-Eyed Susan. I think they are my favorite wild flower.

Nice post...makes me want to get outside and work! :)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just here to check on you...and to give you a hug! Love, Janine xx

Lorna said...

Black-eyed susans always make me think of my mother. They were her favourite.