Friday, June 04, 2010

Yikes! Year of the Yucca!

Four Yucca
'Soldiers'in a Row
In 1980 I had two Yucca plants on our property. In the ensuing years I've moved them, separated them and replanted them. Some replanting seems squirrel oriented as a few plants sprang up in really weird places--not my doing!

In recent years I envisioned lining the driveway with Yucca instead of pines, or other trees.

This year is the Year of the Yucca. For some reason the odd combination of ice storm in 2009, to more-than-normal snow in 2010, and unusually wet Spring both years, our plantings, both old and new have flourished beyond our wildest dreams.

Yucca 'Bells'
on a Stem
The Yucca I transplanted as tiny roots 3 years ago are full fledged plants along one side of the driveway.

Now I have visions of continuing the row across the front of our property on one side.

Yucca bloom and pod
Yucca is an inspiring plant with such a large flower plume. However, I focused on an individual stem of blossoms to see several bell-shaped flowers on a stem like Christmas lights-- Quite beautiful individually and collectively.

When focusing on a single bloom, the single blossom looks very different from the plume effect perched atop a cane-like 6-8 ft stem!

In fact it looks as if the flower belonged to another species entirely.

Another interesting fact is fertilization is accomplished by a yucca moth. Not every flower depends on bees!!!


Small City Scenes said...

Oh my your Yucca's are super gorgeous. The flowers are certaintly different looking close up aren't they. I have two Yucca plants--one blooms the other doesn't. strange. The plants all in a row are beautiful.

I have changed many settings on my blog but still I find my photos on that sight as have many others onCDP. MB

lakeviewer said...

Wow! They look gorgeous! Do deer eat them? My vagrant deer eat any new plant I put down.

faye said...

I don't think I have ever seen a yucca plant... the flowers
are beautiful.... so are your

richies said...

Beautiful photos! We had Yucca plants when I lived in Colorado, but I never saw them bloom.

An Arkies Musings

Arkansas Patti said...

First time I have seen the Yucca's blooms. Really nice shots.

Amber Star said...

For some reason I can't leave a post on your today's post.

We have an arid area and I've planted some desert plants. They are doing well. I'm not really up for the yuccas. The naked ladies are dormant right now, but I think I know when they will come back.