Monday, June 07, 2010

The Master's Garden!

Four horse troughs,
three  5-gallon(?) pots
Probably inspired by our neighbor, my husband (H) decided to plant container gardens this spring.

He bought 4 horse watering troughs for containers and 3 huge flower pots. He said they were horse troughs. One looked like a fiberglass bathtub, complete with drain, but I am not into bathing in the back yard. I prefer temperature controlled water and a tad more privacy.

Tiny Sweet Bell
Pepper and Bloom
He planted tomatoes and sweet green peppers, while I largely ignored his endeavors, until I realized he was serious. Then I requested stringless green beans and Roma tomatoes.

We have a difference of opinion on salad tomatoes. I prefer Romas with less juice, and he likes  chopped large juicy tomatoes that can also be sliced, hamburger style.  We will have both as there are green tomatoes of both styles currently growing in the horse troughs.

To date there is one tiny sweet bell pepper. 

Tomatoes and Blooms
And one variety of green bean has blossoms. One variety of green  bean looked puny--some yellowish leaves and chewed off leaves. I suspected several leaf eating species of insects or caterpillars--that is until I paused snapping photos, long enough to glance back at the green beans. The leaf cutter had 4 legs instead of 8 or more. Luckie was happily grazing on the green bean leaves.

Now we must battle leaf chewing insects, caterpillars, and a loopy canine aspiring to be a vegetarian.

We have known druggies on our block. Hope our little array of plants are not mistaken for adding and abetting our neighbors' illicit habits. Smoking tomato leaves or rolling bean leaves doesn't see like a suitable substitute for their particular palates. I suspect they are far more into cooking, dealing and trafficking.

It is interesting to watch traffic on my street. Having been in a profession where I was required to be able to identify legitimate and illegitimate drug user, I have a life-time of observation. Buyers, dealers, and users on my street frequent one house and arrive in an assortment of licensed vehicles. However, a large number are on-foot, riding bicycles, scooters, or smaller motorcycles not requiring licenses. You see, they have already lost their driver's licenses, soon to be second (or more) offenders.

And More Tomatoes
These are not inspiring photos. Summer is less splashy with color. Everything is green, as it should be, of course. I failed to find patterns that I usually see today. I usually delight in monochrome challenges. Not today.

Anyone who is creative has days, even weeks or months, when the Muses  fail to deliver the inspirative germination, leaving us void of creative genius.

Duo Basking in the Sun - I
Today was such a day.

Consider two photos of tomatoes in another setting and time.

Duo Basking in the Sun - II


Arkansas Patti said...

I hate that you have druggies in your neighborhood. You have political pull, get the police to do something?
When I moved here, the house had been vacant for a while and my large driveway was a meeting place for drug exchange. I spoiled all that just by moving in.
Love that 2 tomato shot and yes, I agree on Romas.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Well, I think ALL of your photos are beautiful...even the ones you think uninspiring!!! SO THERE! ;-) So sorry about the unsavory element in your neighborhood...Will keep you in my prayers for protection...AND oh, yeah...I'm a HUGE ROMA TOMATO fan!!!! Definitely my fave!!! Love you!!! Janine XO

Linda said...

I enjoyed seeing your containers for your garden. The tomato pictures were great.

Boo on drug houses. Bless you as you deal with it.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I never thought of using horse watering troughs to plant in, but they should make excellant containers. I have planted regular tomatoes, romas and cherry tomatoes. I don't have a favorite, I like all of them.

faye said...

Your photos are lovely.
Nothing wrong with those pics.

I am still searching for my muse.

jeannette said...

Watering troughs! Why didn't I think of that! We have pretty good size deck, but I "lost" my yard after we moved (read: downsized) -your peppers and tomatoes look very promising (Roma tomatoes are my fave!)