Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Instead of a Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, this household has two Cowards and a Dog in a House with a Tin (Metal) Roof!

By the way, my favorite line from the above movie:Maggie the Cat (Elizabeth Taylor): "The truth, the truth! Everybody keeps hollering about the truth. Well, the truth is as dirty as lies!"

Today is predicted to be 101 F degrees in our little area of Arkansas. I don't even want to know the heat index.

Maybe I should cook lunch and dinner on the concrete block steps to save electricity. But a better idea is not to cook at all. I'm working on the latter idea.

I had a medical appointment at 9 a.m. and will exercise at 2 p.m. Since I am in the midst of how to treat my recent diagnosis of malignant hypertension, I'm not sure what kind of exercise fits.

More tests are being ordered; I aced the carotids test, but the ultrasound technician could not see the renal artery very well; a different test will be tried. This is worrisome as I only have one renal artery and kidney.

I bet Silver Sneakers fits in as I am in the MSRO class, not the cardiac one. My only gripe is the room is not cool enough. I just hate to leave my cool, comfortable abode.

Weather cycles of temperature extremity, whether hot or cold, seem to run in decades. !980 was one of those years. I thought we were moving to a more temperate area that boasted four distinct seasons, unlike my perception of Texas as summer and winter, or for lack of better adjectives hot and cold, or in green and brown.

Summer in 1980 in North Central Texas was an introduction  to Hell. We were in transition for two months: May - June. These were months I perceived would be mildly warm in Arkansas; NOT.

The transition was worst because we rented an apartment in Texas while my husband finished a job. when I was at the Texas apartment, the air-conditioning system failed. We and our German Shepherd at the time lounged around covered with wet towels and portable fans on us.

I traveled back and forth setting up our house, which had natural gas central heat and air. Guess what! My community did not have natural gas available.

Since I intended the house be converted to all electric, that first had to be completed before I invested in a central heat/air conditioning unit. By the time I purchased a unit, everyone was ahead of me, a newbie in the area, so I was at the bottom of the list.

I soon learned the advantages of finding a reliable firm and being a loyal customer.

Which leads me to another interesting current event in late July. My 3-year-old dryer, (a very high ticket model), developed an intermittent grinding sound. I could rearrange the load and it disappeared. With some loads there was no noise.

Because I purchased a 4-year maintenance agreement, I dutifully called the "800" number requesting the noise be checked. In two days I had an appointment for service.

The service man appeared promptly, and with a somewhat cursory exam, said the model washer and dryer I purchased had few moving parts. The dryer in particular had a propensity for a bearing wear-out. He would order a replacement.

I expected the usual 6 week wait, but was told I could continue to use the dryer, which I did with no additional problems, except that which was reported.

Two weeks ago I received a call from Lowe's who said the part could not be found in the entire world and they were sending me a gift card for the entire original price including taxes. I have always thought maintenance agreements were primarily a waste of money, but this washer/dryer combo was very high ticket; salesman also said he had never had take one back.

Never in my entire life has this happened. I was flabbergasted, or maybe in shock. Do you think Lowe's now has a loyal customer? Almost, maybe, well, certainly I'll shop there first.

When I picked out my replacement, same brand and style, but different model number, the sales person said it was the first one they had ever had to replace! Or at least at their location!

The dryer will be delivered Friday and the old one carted away. I bet if someone knew how to make a bearing, it would still be a good dryer for someone.

NO! I am not being paid for this sales pitch. My philosophy in blogging is to be positive when I mention well-known brands, names or businesses. Nor is this to say I might not have received the same treatment by other sellers of appliances.

 I've never heard of an appliance failing [after a 3 year period of use] and be refunded fully including taxes. I suppose somewhere in the whole wide world it may have happened.

Since I am inveterate shopper of WalMart, I will say I've had no problems with refunds there, but my ticket items have never been as large as the dryer.



Anonymous said...

It is a little hotter here in my part of Arkansas but with it being in the triple digits both there and here I doubt we could tell that much difference. The high on our porch in the shade yesterday was 104. Don't know what it will get up to today, it is already 101.

Wow!! You came out great on the dryer. I have never heard of that happening either. My son-in-law works at Lowes.

Sorry you have to do more tests. Praying for you that all goes well and everything is taken care of as it should be.

Stay cool and enjoy your afternoon. Hugs

Ginny said...

Congrats on your success with your appliance but I am sorry to hear about your health issues. I know you are far away from NYC but we have a really good dr here named Frederick Vagnini who really helped me with blood pressure issues years ago. He has a radio talk show and everything. Very holistic too. Might be worth a shot. Here is his website www.vagnini.com. It might be worth a try. In any case stay in doors where it is cooler!!!

Lorna said...

I'm flabbergasted, and happy for you. Not about the heat or the Silver Sneakers, but the treatment by Lowe's

Betty said...

Wow! Now, that's a full refund. Lowe's is a great place, I guess. I don't need big appliances, as I live in an apartment, but I'd shop there for other things.

I'm about to melt. The air conditioner can't seem to keep up.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I was out today checking out washers and dryers. My washer finally expired after 15 years of use. I didn't go to Lowes, but I will definitely go there before making a purchase.

lakeviewer said...

Wow, a full refund! Sorry to hear about the heat. We have had an unusual cool summer and our veggies can't seem to get the spunk to grow. But, it is sunny and clear with no clouds around. We too moved to a temperate area, with less heat in the summer. It goes to show that nothing is perfect.

Praying that your tests turn out fine.

Arkansas Patti said...

The Ozarks fooled me too. I moved from Florida after a year(2004)of back to back hurricanes, thinking surely the mountains would be cooler and safer. That was when I realized thermometers could actually go over 100. Only good thing is that the summers here are shorter.
Had a moment of terror around 4AM this morning when the power went off. Yikes. Back on now--panic gone.
So those maintence warrenties really work? Good to know. Kudos to Lowes.
Keep cool, this too surely will pass.

Small City Scenes said...

Well I think temps that high would make my blood pressure surely go sky high. We have nice 70s and maybe an occasionally 80+ when we all complain about the heat. the house I live in now has built in AC and it is the first time I ever lived in a place that did. So I will enjoy the heat here and remember not to complain when I think it is too hot.
My dryer is going grind grind and squeak squwank at certain times and soometimes not at all and I just know it is a belt or bearing. It is a Maytag and very old so I may just go to Lowe's for a replacement--on your advisement. Thank you! LOL MB

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey so sorry your having to go through with all these test. I hate to hear that for you because we all know that is about as much fun as this heat.
Please keep me posted on how you are...grandmayellowhair@gmail.com
I am having trouble being on the computer so way behind with everyone but I think of you often.
Something going on with my body and have been sick sick since my procedures.
You cracked me up with cooking on the concrete steps. I knew after the winter we had that we were all in trouble this summer but like you we expect it in Tx but not in your beautiful Arkansas.
Did you enter my Mola giveaway it ends Friday on the 6th at midnight.
Lowes has always been a good place to shop...found this out working on this ranch. They make good on everything we buy for this place so happy you had a happy ending.
Please remember to keep me up on what is going on with you

Lorna said...

Hi, having trouble with my wordpress blog---temporarily, I hope, now at lornaslandofwonder.blogspot.com

Pat - Arkansas said...

Lowe's just went up ten notches on my list of good places. I've never "heard tell" of such a wonderful replacement policy. Good-O!

Sorry to hear of your blood pressure problems. I hope the new meds will help. In the mean time, take care.