Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The guided striped bass fishing trip was fun, I assume. The result was one eight pound striper. A hybrid striper was caught and released to grow up a tad.

According to my husband {H} it must have been a day of what we call short 'hits,' where the fish somewhat reluctantly feed. I, being a foodaholic, have no idea how to 'reluctantly feed.'

He, his friend and the guide all were reeling fish in but about half-way to the boat the fish released, jumped off, whatever....they never made it to the boat. The guide seemed frustrated himself.

Despite taking his camera, H made no pictures.

One of you mentioned it was too bad I did not go, too, as I like to fish. Well, with my bionic knees, short legs, etc. I am somewhat of a pain to take fishing. When I don't go, no one has to worry about me falling overboard, etc. [I don't swim.] It was not my birthday, so I happily stayed home awaiting the fishing report. Besides the hot humid weather is not very compatible with my various health maladies.

As far as recipes for cooking, the South is primarily FRY! BABY FRY! I have heard of some expert backyard grillers, grilling striped bass. Most recipes have a variety of herbs and a touch of lemon and wrapped in foil.

Here is my favorite coating and technique for BAKING FISH TO TASTE NEARLY LIKE FRIED. It is composed of two mixtures. You have to determine the amount of fillets to be be baked and adjust the mixtures.

If you like heavily battered fish double these amounts which are for about 20 oz of fillets cut in 4 pieces.

Heat Oven to 400 deg. F

Lightly beat one egg; add 1-2 T milk or cream if not watching calories. Water may also be used.

1/4 c  cornmeal
2 t     parsley, dried
1/4 t  black pepper
1/2 t  salt (optional to those watching salt)
1/8 t  cumin
1/8 t  cayenne
1/4 t  paprika

[Herbs and spices certainly can be varied in kind or amount to taste]

Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray.

Dip fillet in egg mixture, moistening it well; then roll in coating mixture, lightly coated,I and place on baking sheet.

When all fillets are on sheet, lightly spray fillets with cooking spray, so they will brown.

Bake 10-15 minutes or just opaque in center.

Suggested side dishes, backed potato sticks and lemon wedges.

This is and adaptation of a Weight Watcher recipe. I found cooking time is a little longer, plus turning the fillets and spraying with cooking spray makes browning more uniform.

Further if those sharing the meal really, really like fried, I sometimes double the mixtures and really coat the fish.

Although I have never tried it, I feel the mixtures could easily be pan-fried or deep-fried.

Some day when I bake this recipe I'll try to capture a photo. 

Otherwise today I spent the morning perusing grocery store selections for low to no salt versions of various items. I found Kashi has two ZERO sodium ready-to-eat cereals (Heart to Heart). I found Nabisco Wheat Thin Flatbreads, and Ritz Lower Sodium Crackers low enough to eat carefully and also Kashi TLC Crackers in the non-cheese flavors.

I bought two flavors of Mrs. DASH (no salt) to try, on at the table and the other to cook with, although I have several homemade mixture that employ very little salt. I make and store them in old spice shaker containers I've washed and saved.

It is hard to watch salt, sugar and fat all together, although SPLENDA does alleviate so sugar cravings.


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Arkansas Patti said...

Well that explains why you didn't go fishing.
You can't swim?? Isn't too late to learn. Water exercise is good for the joints.
No one likes to take me fishing. I am catch and release, apologize endlessly for poking a hole in a fishes mouth and feel sorry for the bait but I do love being on the water.
Think if we ate in a tub full of warm water, we might be able to "reluctently feed"??? Worth a try.

lakeviewer said...

Hi, I've been having similar problems with the yellow highlight. Watching salt and sugar are normal things in my household these days. I must admit, though, that a bite of that fish fry/bake would be delightful, with or without salt.

I don't see the point in catch and release. Sorry, I'm too practical to catch something I can't eat.

Dimple said...

Your recipe sounds good, I think I will try it sometime. My hubby has a hard time digesting vegetable oils, so the pan spray won't work, but a little butter probably would!

jeannette said...

Hope he had a good birthday! Interesting cornmeal coat. Gonna try it sometime! Mostly just fry fish on stove top in butter, or in oven with butter and lemon juice on top.

Nezzy said...

MMmmmmm! Good eatin' baby. I use parchment paper then spray when doin' my non-fried meats. Then nothin' sticks...ever!

I threw my camera on our Branson getaway last weekend and do you think I took a picture while I was there. Nope, not King Kong, Titanic, Zip Lines or the hoards of folks on "tax free weekend." Oops...who knew???

God bless ya and have an incredible day!!!