Sunday, August 22, 2010


I can get into messes and deals without trying!

This contemporary story happened a few weeks ago. Most of the time I know how I arrived in messes, mostly because I can't say "no" to certain causes, overbook myself, etc., etc., and then get miffed with my wimp of a backbone.

However this ditty is a little different, and even funny to me, even though the joke (which isn't the correct word) is on me.

First I have to assure my housekeeper who is directly involved that I am in no way questioning this deal, trust her completely and this scenario has provided my friends with a comeback to just about anything I propose.

Recently we helped said housekeeper (HK) transport an older car from Missouri to Arkansas so she would have transportation. She lives on a very austere budget. The nice looking older car need a repair axles or something, so it had to be loaded on a trailer, not towed behind a vehicle.

Her very old van died in Calico Rock or thereabouts where it now is the pride (said facetiously) of some guy who towed it to his garage. She gave it to him for parts.

Although we took nothing for the gas, we did accept payment for a U-Haul trailer so as not to tear up her car or our nearly new Tacoma pickup. At the end of the trip she gave my husband a partial payment on the rental, and I thought the balance was $30.00.

Between delivery to another garage for the minor repair and her next work day with me I forgot the whole deal. 

When she works it is like a whirlwind of conversation, dust flying, vacuum roaring, etc. Meanwhile I am doing weekly wash so washer and dryer are humming, too.  Add a lawnmower or whatever husband is doing so lots of noise and hub-bub do not make understanding what anyone is saying very clear.

Anyway, when I paid her the usual fee in cash she refused part of it after we discussed working the garage sale and her helping with marking, etc. Then I swear to God I really don't have any idea what was said or I agreed to, but I went from being owed $30.00 to a commitment to pay $30 to spay a cat at her next volunteer spay and neuter clinic.

Now mind you I don't mind paying to spay or neuter any animal to prevent the millions of unwanted kittens and puppies born, and abandoned to die horrible deaths at some stage of their usual short lives.

When I told my husband, and also my best friend, somehow I am committed to $30 to spay a cat when I thought I was owed $30.00, they are rolling on the floor in laughter.

Now every time any of us discuss some financial matter, they retort, "go spay a cat."

Never let me near your checkbook!!! I have to used Quicken and even then have trouble reconciling.

Math was not my favorite subject, which begs the question how I became a pharmacist. Well the common joke is all we have to do is count to 100, or pour in liquids in to measuring cups a.k.a as bottles with proper markings indicated on them.

The cerebral part of pharmacy is the drug's, interactions, uses, etc. I was great and knew doses, too, but I did not make them. Everything comes in a little bottle and all I did was count and pour. A technician even typed my labels in my latter years in the profession.

I am beginning to wonder to what I have committed myself with the yard sale. My little town has a city-yard sale every year in September and it is a booming success.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you cannot figure how you arrived there??? 


Arkansas Patti said...

That is just too funny. Your cleaning lady has the charm of a politician, and I mean that in the nicest way.
Wonder how long you will have to hear about "spaying a cat"???
The actual winners were you and the cat however. You got a clever post and some cat can now relax.

jinksy said...

Umm...I thought that was just another name for life?! :)

NitWit1 said...

AR Patti: By now I am probably committed to spaying all the cats, bot feral and omestic in Baxter and Marion County.

Best Friend and I visit a mutual dear friend tempeorarily recovering from a mild stroke in a nearby nursing home yesterday and told her the story.

She nearly rolled out of bed laughing.

Jinksy: I've made a lot of dumb deals throughout my life, but at least this one is funny, and not painful, as I do believe firmly in reducing the population of unwanted animals, a situation we created and should responsibly correct.

Linda said...

All the time I find myself in such situations. I'm prone to quick decisions and that can get you in a lot of "trouble."

Patty said...

LOL, many time. And our daughters tell me it's because I don't always wear my hearing aids.

Speaking of pharmacist. I picked up two prescriptions for Abe on Friday after his doctors visit. One was and antibiotic, one Prednisone. He was given a shot on Friday so I told him, he wouldn't need to take any Prednison until Sat. On Sat. morning, in my usual rush, I gave him an antibiotic in with his morning pills and laid the Predisone on the table m his breakfast plate. So this morning, I was doing the same thing, but wasn't rushed, and realized the pills looked the same. Got the magnifying glass to read them closely. The pharmacist has given him all antibiotic, no Prednisone. Of course this little prescription shop is not open on Sunday, so I have to wait until tomorrow. Yesterday he actually ended up taking a total of five (100 mg each) of an antibiotic. I guess next time I will look at the mdeicine, and question before I leave the store. Had this happen once to me, at the time I was on 120mg of Inderal long lasting, I got home, and was looking at them and thought how much brighter blue they were than what I had, and looked closely and found they were 180mg. I lost a lot of faith in the drugstore after that and was more careful. most of my medicines for the two of us I have to get through the mail from Express Scripts. And if something looks different, I call them to check it out.

CHERI said...

I can so identify. I too get myself into fixes sometimes because I don't always take the time I need to think through things! At least your story ends well with a good deed being done.

Small City Scenes said...

Oh my, you did get yourself in a pickle--but the end results are good. Hopefully you get the last laugh. MB

Anonymous said...

It happens to me all the time in dreams. I dreamed last night that my wife and I had suddenly switched from American to Japanese styles of eating and her first meal was packed in one of those small, metal, lunch tins and she had the white rice, as neat and fresh as it could be and on that was a dash of red pimento and a dash of something green, like sweet grass, and a little piece of meat, perhaps dried squid, and something else that was sweet. All on perfect display in that square tin about an inch deep on white rice.

Ginny said...

I'm glad you are only $60 out of pocket...where I come from it costs $300 to spay a cat.

Just remember the old adage: No good deed goes unpunished.

Amber Star said...

frequently i find myself wonering how I wound up owing instead of receiving. I told the realtor who manages some property I own and the tenant is behind on his rent that the next time soemthing goes out maybe I'll have the money or not to fix whatever is broken and after this past heat spell, he better wtch his step.

I tripped on a metal post that was across a driveway at a car dealership when we wanted to look and not be bothered by salesmen. I was stepping over the post and caught my toe on the edge of it and fell flat down. I think it threw me around a bit brfore it slammed me to the ground and broke my arm. The othopedist said it would take a year to totally heal. Now I can't get the CPAP thing on and typing is painful.

Our pharmacy did somethnig like tht and it was the last time I went to CVS, but I got them to give me the correct medication. I knew what it looked like.

So, now you know why I've been mia.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! Many times I have wondered how I got myself into a situation. Hope you find your way out and no more come along for a long time. Hugs

Nezzy said...

You bet your sweet bippie I have! You story is so funny, ya gotta watch those housekeepers.

I walked into my Aunts house where I found my mom and aunt washin' dishes and the housekeeper was sittin' at the table sippin' tea. I thought, "what's wrong with this picture???" Heeehehehehe!!!

God bless you and have a fantastic Friday sweetie!!!

Dimple said...

A great story! It's a good thing you wrote it down, now you can save it to amuse others for a long time!