Thursday, August 12, 2010


NO! It is not raining, although ISOLATED SHOWERS (10%) is in our forecast.That percentage is probably one drop somewhere over the Arkansas River from the trail of a riverboat or barge which decided it was better to be in the River than the air.

However, we have dripping water at steady rate at our house from the central air conditioner. Now, that is normal in hot, humid weather, but the design of central air conditioning units is removal of humidity and  disposal by drainage line to a designated area outside our abode. That is one part of "conditioning the air", the other part being cooling, which may also contribute to the water problem with some condensation.

Unexpectedly this morning I accessed what we call the heating/air conditioning unit closet to find a significant amount of water accumulating around the unit. I suspected the drainpipe was plugged, as we have had this problem once before. 

My husband is at the church blissfully mowing in the 90-plus degree heat.

I called the HVAC company who said it would be tomorrow afternoon, or I could pay for after-hours today. I chose 'after-hours', but have a bet with myself that does not materialize. In fairness, everybody is broiling; air conditioners are working overtime when the temperature creeps above 90; another way to say it, it they may suffer from heat stroke, too.

I am doing a towel (not paper towels) relay soaking up the water. The relay starts with (1) find dry big towels, or remove from dryer; (2) pull out the 3-4 sopping wet towels; (3) replace with 3-4 dry towels; (4) place wet towels in washer on final fast spin cycle; (5) remove towels from washer to dryer; (6) Repeat cycle every 30 minutes.

The owner of HVAC company we use was here yesterday to evaluate improvement in ducting. Although we are not sure, he may have unintentionally pull some of the telephone wiring apart under house, as part of our system is down. That is not repaired but we have the lines isolated that need to be checked. Some lines are working and we have cell phone.

What is strange is the owner mentioned some condensation below the house; too bad he did not look a little harder. However, from the water I found this morning, I think this event had not been occurring very long. We store a lot in the same closet; very little was wet.

One small blessing is we care for a home next to us. The perk is we may use it ourselves or for company. It is not a mansion but a roof over our heads. We can move there if this continues very long. It also has central heat and air.

It has everything but Internet, and there may be a way to get that, too. I probably could move my wireless router to a different place in my house, were I could pick up signal in the neighbor's house.

We have other options as well, but hopefully will not have to use them.
Meanwhile the towel brigade continues... See you when the drip dry cycle is broken. I have a few pictures showing beauty still around even in the heat, but gotta rotate towels, not cards and computers!!


lakeviewer said...

Oh no! You don't need another repair. Hope the repairman fixes the problem because this towel brigade will get old really soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get the problems solved without an arm and a leg being lost in the process.

faye said...

Our AC was spewing water
last month. It was plugged
and we managed that okay...
then the blankety capacitor
died... always something...

Arkansas Patti said...

Yikes, that does not sound fun but it is fortunate you found it. I'll bet those guys are run ragged with this incessent heat we have had.
I am so glad you have a plan B in case.

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Ca, you be careful with those wet towels! You don't need a broke bone on top of everything else! XOXO

Nezzy said...

First of all I just wanted to thank ya for poppin' over and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride.

The plugged drainpipe thing happened to me years ago. I periodically put the spray nozzle on the hose so I can get a good power stream and spray out the drain pipe. I get all kinds of crud and slugs out of the dang thing but I has never stopped up again. ....and it's free to boot. I unstopped it myself the first time...I'm just a resourceful kinda gal! :o)

God bless ya and in the words of that silly old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now,ya hear!"

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! I am so sorry to hear this. I hope it can all be taken care of and not be a costly thing to do. Hugs

Small City Scenes said...

Ick!! That is sure no fun specially in this HOT weather.
How's Luckie liking the hotness? Our dogs just lay around. The horses don't seem to mind too much but the goats don't like it. I showed them where the shade was but they just like to stand out in the open and bleat. Tomorrow cooler weather here --our 5 day heat streak will be over. I hope. LOL.

Ginny said...

so are you still wondering the "Why" for HBP? You need to get a lucky rabbits foot or something...perhaps the whole rabbit!

CHERI said...

I was just thinking of you last night, then I opened up my blog tonight and there was your comment! So glad you came to visit and I appreciate your words. Sorry to hear about your woes, along with health issues. This danged HOT weather hasn't helped any of us. I too have had a not-so-good summer. Had some stomach ailment and found out I have a hiatal hernia. Then had to have a crown on one of my teeth (cha/ching$$). Then last Thurs. I feel down the last 3 or 4 of our stairs. Think I just missed a step! Anyway...tendons are pulled and walking is s-l-o-w!!! For a usually healthy person, I'm falling apart at the seams lately! Our air cond. hasn't been working well either and we will be having to put in new units this fall(cha/ching$$$)!!!! I'm ready for this summer to be OVER!!! Belated Happy Birthday to your hubby. Hope he had a great time fishing! Take care and hope things get better real soon!