Tuesday, August 17, 2010


there is often something beautiful to behold! As I hope you will see what I mean at the end of this post.

The Towel Brigade is over. The towel inventory is now washed, dried, folded and neatly stored for normal use.
The central air conditioner drainage seems to be alleviated thanks to fast response from the company of our choice. The same-day response was rapid considering the time of year and midst of a heat wave, even if I did pay extra for travel and overtime.

Second, the telephone problems intensified Sunday with a faulty part at a central location, but the phone company fixed their part the self-same day and surprisingly called me ON SUNDAY to verify.

Today my husband is attempting to mend the damaged telephone wires beneath the house. In our state the company fixes the lines to the house, but the wiring system within the house is privately owned, i.e., we own it, we fix it.

The light fixture in one room is not yet fixed. BUT WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS! He is still painting outside, too.

My blood pressure is still worrisome and strange. It is highest and acting the weirdest in the morning upon awakening. I do have some emergency meds to lower it quickly. I carry a few tablets everywhere I go. At least a pattern is forming so maybe someone will figure it out.

I have several related tests next week.

One or two days of the intense heat this past week, I ventured for only a few minutes outside to shoot a few snapshots--no time for artistic planning. I also took one or two inside the nice cool kitchen.

English Ivy
Planted from one
mail order sprout
about 15 years ago!
Naked Ladies
(Surprise Lilies)
Red Roses surviving the English Ivy over growth
from a plant  on our lot when we purchased it.
This is a hardy rose as we never prune nor feed it.
I think it may be a climber, too.
You might see a Naked Lady bulb
peeking in on edge of the photo!
Ripening Produce with
two of my mortar/pestles
from my collection
on the window sill
of my window box.
Tomatoes Ripening on Window Sill
Mortar &Mortar Pestle Is Behind
Solar Shade (a tad softer look).
This Photo is SOOC
[Straight Out Of Camera 


Arkansas Patti said...

Goodness, you have really had to be a problem solver lately. Soooo glad your A/C is fixed. In this weather, it is definitely not a luxery item.
We had the same thing in Florida with the phone co. If they came out and found out it was your problem, it cost $40.00 for the diagnosis but we had to fix it.
Did you notice a slight nip in the air this AM? 61 degrees and WONDERFUL.

Liz said...

My, you are having some problems! But lovely photos of the plants and pestle and mortars - you have a collection?

lakeviewer said...

Ok, last week I felt bad for you and your heat, and the lack of air-conditioning. This week, I'm jealous for all that produce and the lovely collection of pestle and mortars. Beautiful stuff! It makes me want to make pesto the old fashioned way.

Ginny said...

Everything is still so green. We have had a crazy long heat wave too but everything is drying out and most of my plants have shriveled away. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

Lorna said...

Those are lovely photos---I love the mortar and pestles.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my like Patti says you have been really busy lately.
Toooooo hot to be without AC you will be sick.
Love your pictures and that ivy is something else. It just took over did it not.
Hard to believe in this heat how pretty your yard is.
Mine is so not.
did you enter my CSN giveaway that ends at midnight tonight. I hope so

Dimple said...

The two shots from your kitchen are beautiful. The three mortar and pestles you showed are lovely! Your collection must be fun to look at!
Glad you have gotten some of the things taken care of that came up; it seems that maintaining what we have is a never-ending job!
Thanks for the visit, I hope I can see some of your weeds... :)

flowerweaver said...

That's some English Ivy you have! I would love to have my house covered in fig ivy like that. Then it would only need a trim and never painting!