Friday, May 11, 2012


Ready to Read?
[Definitely not what I saw mind!]
Artists, photographers, writers, poets and other creative persons often complain the MUSE or inspiration betray them.

I, being an amateur in several of the abovementioned persons, can sometimes commiserate with these people.

In general, when I am feeling as normal as is possible for a 75ish female soul, and time and weather are cooperating with my health deficiencies, set out with my camera in my home, yard or somewhere I have mentally noted a photo opportunity. Sometimes I am the joyful snapshooter, and other times, I am serious about composition, light and other facets of my meager training in photography.

Months ago, and I do mean MONTHS, the above setting in the vestibule of our church caught my eye. Months ago the chairs had a lovely upholstery and character, but the lamp had no bulb in it, and a candle and Bible sat on the table.

I work in the church office every Thursday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

I kept thinking of the setting in my mind. I remembered to bring an energy saving bulb, but it did not fit the lamp so the lamp shade would stay on. Strike 1! I carried the bulb home.

Several weeks I forgot to include bulb or camera among items I carry with me. [This is not a hard job; primarily I am there to answer the phone.] There is a library, but I usually carry my Kindle along with fruit to munch and emergency heart meds, should I need them. Usually I am there alone with doors locked.

Finally a week ago, I remembered both light bulb and camera. I had not paid any attention to the setting in a few weeks.

After I settled in, I installed the light bulb and set about arranging the chairs. Yikes! Someone had put some awful colored covers over the beautiful antique !upholstery! I can find no words to express my dismay. Those are the ugliest covers I have ever seen, not to mention they appear to be haphazardly installed. Strike 2!

I took one shot and realized the light bulb was too bright; I was using available light (no flash). Between my errant choice of wattage and the seat covers, I was disheartened I had let a beautiful (in my mind) setting slip away.

However, I was determined to come away with something so I did, what I love to do: zero in on a small portion of the photo in my mind, which was the table where I had placed several books from the church library with my new Kindle Touch. It is sort of a "macro mode" in my mind. No Strike 3, I hoped.

Even though the two photos do not reach the imagery of my mind, it sure beats those ugly chairs which were, to me, beautiful with the antique, albeit yellowed, upholstery! I slightly favor the second shot. I had a polarizer on but could not eliminate all the glares but did eliminate quite a few.

I would have lit the candle for the cozy atmosphere in my mind, but I did not wish to responsible for burning down the church building for a photo!

PHOTOS: by NitWit1 unless otherwise attributed.

Ready to Read - 1
Ready to Read -2


turquoisemoon said...

Hahaha...I too am a novice photographer and feel your pain!!! But, (I must admit) that for me, it's normally a lack of artistic skill. UGH!

Arkansas Patti said...

I agree about those covers. Anything would have been better.
The light does make an inviting scene however and I liked Ready to read 1 the best.

TexWisGirl said...

you are too cute. laughed at the idea of you burning down the church for a photo op. :)

rosaria williams said...

Persistent you are! Good job!

Lorna said...

great juxtaposition, and I think your choice of close-up over wrinkly chairs is inspired.

Genie said...

You persevere just like. If it doesn’t work one way, I try another. The lamp shots are great...gotta be happy with them. I bet if you tweaked the chair one you could get it to where you like it, too. Thanks for the nice comment. genie

Madison Woods said...

That still made a very nice setting, but too bad about the upholstery covers! And I do the same thing with forgetting to remember things like bringing the lightbulb. It drives me nuts.

This is Roxann from by the way - I'm logged in on my google account for my writerly blog.

Dimple said...

I prefer the second shot because the light is more even. The lamp is beautiful!