Thursday, May 24, 2012


Darkling Black Beetle, Commonly Known in US West as Stink
Bug -  Maximum Zoom Telephoto Macro Capacity PLUS 2+
Diopter CloseUp Add-On Lens;
SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)
Even though Coward's Corner has been "under the radar" for a week, we are not without humor. It seems my medical condition, albeit may be my medicines, have slowed me to a turtle's pace in accomplishing what I perceive my daily routines throughout the week. I feel fairly well and am on my feet a majority of the day, but my 'to do' list never is shortened which is exasperating.

Before regaling some of this week's tribulations, I post an interesting photo I captured in our back yard, using another of my new camera gadgetry.
Darkling Black Beetle, Commonly Known in US West as Stink
Bug - Maximum Zoom Telephoto Macro Capacity (No +2
Diopter Close Up Lens Add-On)

SOOC -Straight Out of Camera 
This photo is a Darkling Beetle, belonging to a very large world-wide family beetles of various colors, shapes and sizes, all known for their malodorous scent emitted from a rear gland when excited or threatened. 

I have seen this species in Texas and now Arkansas, as well as several other species I found searching on the Internet. I think the one in my yard was dead, or maybe it can fake dead, but I did NOT try to find out. My allergies have had more than enough with which to contend this Spring. Two men visiting next door from New Jersey also recognized the beetle instantly.

The joy of this maloderous photo was I had time, albeit only a few minutes, to play with what is known as Closeup lens or diopters which come in different magnifications like +1, +2, +4 & +10. These so called 'plus' lens mount on the front of a zoom telephoto or even a standard lens. My particular lens' built-in macro capacity is at full extension of the zoom. I used a +2 to expand the macro image to obtain a size that would fill the photo frame. For me it is perfect; I cannot justify the cost of a true Macro lens for such casual use.

Fogged Window Pane (Inside View)
Now the major trial of the week pertained to our insulating windows we installed in 1999. These units replaced the shoddy manufactured ones which kept out rain, but not much else. We bought 12 windows and a window box, all of which had an excellent lifetime warranties transferable to next owner of house. One of the guarantees is free replacement if a window'fogged.'

I admit we are not window washer addicts. Recently my housekeeper and husband with our assistance washed all the windows inside and out. Only then did we notice one was foggy. I'm sure the  manufacturer wished we had left them dirty!

Fogged Window - Outside View
After 3 calls to the window and siding company in Hot Springs with only excuses for non-service, I made a not so friendly 4th call, insinuating they were stalling by not returning my call, because of the approximate 200 mi drive one way. Further they surely did not mind the drive, when we forked over $6000+ in 1999, a period of time we were not as financially secure.

The phone person, (after hemming and hawing a bit), said, well, if I would take photos, photocopy my warranty package, and decipher a very faded blue tag of unfathomable numeric information on the window edge, they would try to order it without the usual visit from an adjuster.
Although I was miffed I had to do all the leg work I agreed; it took the better part of one day, but fortunately my printer can make photocopies as well as photos, and I surely had the camera for the job, which was "no brainer."

Fogged Window - Outside View
This was a sliding, bypassing window which I call casement windows. We have three of this type, as well as 7 standard 'up and down' windows in addition to the window box. If you cannot see which of the set of two windows in the casement is fogged, I think you may need to visit your optometrist or opthomalogist. The difference between the two windows is like having a cataract on one eye, and none on the other!

The photocopies mailed Wednesday and should be in Hot Springs Friday.

Mushrooms in the Mulch -1
Earlier in the week, while running up the water bill, I discovered these 'past their prime' lovely mushrooms. I believe fellow blogger Abraham Lincoln said this species of mushrooms are common in mulches, which is exactly where I found these lovely, albeit past prime, mushrooms.

Besides the window fiasco, I had an appointment  with my opthomalogist Wednesday, for glaucoma check, refraction recheck and some kind of retina exam. My vision since immediately following cataract surgery has improved from 20/30 to near 20/20. I drive without glasses and only use readers from various drug stores, Dollar Stores or WalMart  for reading. I am pleased as punch.

Since we were in the big city of Mountain Home (ha!), I carried all my nicer matched pantsuits to a dry cleaner. I am beginning to get into some of them with my weight loss. I wore one to church last Sunday and nearly had an asthma attack from 3-5 years accumulation of dust (and probably dust mites). I found out dry cleaning has gone up beaucoup!
Mushrooms in the Mulch-2
 Then we went to a glass shop to have Plexiglas cut to use as back splashes in both bathrooms around the lavatories to protect the new paneling from water splashes, electric toothbrush/toothpaste splatters, etc.  Also not a cheap idea as there are only four little pieces.

So we decided we might as well take in Western Sizzlin'. At least I would not have to prepare much for supper.

We also made the IBC/Hostess bread outlet which is more economical than so-called discount grocery stores.

Finally arriving home I  had a load of wash to do or get further behind, and put up our purchases. Here I sit trying to get a post written and photos are not yet edited.
Mushrooms in the Mulch - 3

Thursday is my day to play secretary for 4 hours at church. I actually look forward to this as it is usually quiet. I read my Kindle (now reading THE SOURCE by Michenor), the Baxter Bulletin, literature in the office, play Free Cell on their computer and enjoy down time. Occasionally, it is not so quiet.

After leaving work, it is back to the big city to pick up the Plexiglas. Stage is having a Memorial Day clothing sale, so I may drop by to check it out. They have some nice brands. I saw a lovely embroidery top I thought might look nice with slacks for church. I haven't shopped for clothes in years. I have two 25% off coupons, too!

Friday I am home and hope it is a tad less busy even though there will be another hamper of clothes to wash. I have some TeleCare reports to write for City Council next week. That is my only connection with the City these days.
Oh yeah, on Tuesday the TeleCare phone was on the blink. Somehow it is my duty to furnish tech support. I don't remember this appointment, but I'm old and this group has been in existence 10 years.

Empty Robin's Nest?
SATURDAY??? It's off the Springfield, MO with another couple to shop Sam's Club for church projects and probably eat at the Golden Corral. I can't say this week will be good for my diet as we also ate out Sunday brunch at Gaston's Resort Restaurant.

AND MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT--I seemed to have missed the baby robins. The nest appears empty. I took a step stool out to peer in the nest which for an average height person is not too high. But I could not get the stool steady enough to climb past the first step--not enough. I knew a broken hip was not worth a photo of an empty nest, or even baby robins or robin eggs.  Woe is me.

BUT I CAPTURED A STINK BUG BEETLE, the 'skunk' of the beetle family!

And I hope to be around to see all of you Sunday afternoon.....

PHOTOS: by NitWit1 unless otherwise attributed.


Arkansas Patti said...

Oh my, I need to put a photo on my refrige of that stink bug so I don't disturb one by mistake. What a nasty weapon he has.
Sure hope they honor your warrenty on that window. Lucky for you that they are at least still in business.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Like Patti said we all need a picture of this darn stink bug. I sure don't want to end up disturbing this thing.
Hope you get things straight with the windows.
Take care

Anonymous said...

this was a very interesting post. I see those beetles, too, but didn't know what they are - so thanks for that i.d.! Also, I noticed your use of 'beaucoup' and I wondered if you are from S. Louisiana (which is where I'm from and I haven't heard the word since I moved)...

And, I have one of those lens magnifiers too, but not sure what it is except it makes close-up really close-up. I'm still learning my camera and photography.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got some stink bugs. Also that the robins got wings and left and the window replacement is on the way. What a life.

Plus it is hotter than hell here and I need to start watering to save what I have. Relief coming Monday. Cooler temps and possible rain.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a newbie to your blog, saw your comment on Arkansas Patti about Memorial day. My husband John and I spent the summer of 1993 in Mountain Home, and Flippin, Arkansas. Wrote two stories about it on my blog. Wow, $6,000 is a lot of money to spend on windows. Like your picture of that mushroom in the mulch. Is Mountain Home still a quaint little town. John worked at Netties buffet. I worked for lawyer Norman Wilbur. Do you know him? Look forward to your posts from Bull Shoals. P.S. Thank your husband from the bottom of my heart for his military service to Americans for the freedom of our country. There must be thousands of military families at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. God Bless America!