Wednesday, May 09, 2012


No post-mortem crash with my computer clean-up. I did not do what is called 'returning a computer to factory settings,' the hardest, but sometimes, the only way to solve a problem.

I had what is called a (mirror) image of my hard drive, which can made in a shorter time than a full backup. I also had a full  backup but decided to go for the image, for several reasons. The IMAGE was not quite a year old, but I knew the date it was made, everything seemed to be working fine, especially the items about which I had concerns.

Backups were made of user files like Quicken financial backups, photos, text files. All went well except I have been unable to get my address book back exactly to my liking but, enough to at least get back on line.

My last TASK is to figure how I plan to keep my photos. Since I have two external hard drives of 1 Terabyte each, both of which easily connect USB to my laptops, I am going to store them in some manner, probably by age on one of these drives. I also have several thumb drives and digital cards for  two cameras, plus my husband has a camera.

So I will be back in the saddle again soon. I have needed to do this job for several months, and finally bit the bullet when my favorite game FREE CELL, started acting up.....don't mess with me and FREE CELL.

Now, I have my annual non-computer, spring and summer dose of  'no see 'ums' a nearly invisibly insect, which seems to love me. I am scratching from head to toe, very bad thing since I am taking a blood thinner and bruise easily--I should say very easily, as I bruised easily before I ever took a blood thinner.

I wandered out to prune some old climbing roses, not the Blazer I have posted many photos. Husband built a hog wire trellis and I wanted to start some good climbers. I cut all the thick extensions which had no blooms, and am not yet finished. I have no idea what kind of climber this is, either, because it was also on the lot when we moved here 33 years ago this month. I will take some photos which will not be gorgeous this year, but I can imagine it in a year. The flower is a miniature pinkish rose.

Now I will go scratch-&-bruise awhile.


Dimple said...

Good to get an update!
I was just out for a walk, and the mosquitoes found me. They don't like me a lot, for which I am thankful, but they are flying.
Looking forward to some photos of the rose, and other things which take your fancy!

Arkansas Patti said...

My brother just turned me on to Free Cell. Now I am hooked.
So sorry about those noseeums. We had them in Florida around the beaches and some called them sandfleas. The only time I saw one was on a co worker who was black. They showed up as tiny white dots on him.

Lorna said...

You continue to astound me with your techknowledge.