Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Digital Deliberations - One benefits Luckie's shelter home

Last Friday my best friend (BF) called me to visit her and wipe a desktop hard drive clean in exchange for a fried fish dinner. My husband was included in the invite, but not Luckie.

My BFs have multiple cats and presently only one dog. Over the nearly thirty years I've known them, they have only had one pure breed dog. However, I've lost count of the dogs and cats they've adopted, mostly strays, but some shelter animals, too.

The old computer was going to a local computer club which refurbishes them and gives them to the Humane Society or Salvation Army, whichever the donor chooses. Since BF selected the Humane Society, I was overjoyed to help the cause. It seems the economic downturn has spike sales of used computers, especially at these two charitable organizations.

I plan to add a box full of parts I've collected and no longer need in building or repairing (0ccasionally). I figured my helping prepare her unit for resale in the Humane Society's shop, in some small way may return the joy Luckie has brought into our lives.

The last few days a Silver Sneakers exercise friend tried to exorcise her desktop which she maintained was possessed by a demon. After several phone calls with e-mails with suggestions, and little improvement, I read the signs of having the Conficter worm which has been tormenting the computer world. I sent her a site to read about it and went fishing...hmm...better relabel that a windy boat ride on area lake.

Two phone messages were waiting for me, when I returned home: Send her the patches because she could not download them, nor access Microsoft website, two signs of the dastardly worm. I have not heard the end of this saga as of tonight. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

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