Saturday, April 04, 2009

Catch-up Weekend and Luckie's Latest Sins

The week begins with well-laid plans but ends with items moved forward day by day, so Saturday, and to some degree, Sunday become the days these tasks are completed.

Earlier, I mentioned my window box house plants were root-bound and haven for ants. Saturday I destroyed every plant and applied ant killer to every seam around the box. I put my German Shepherd Dog statues of glass, brass and ceramics perched on a shelf and a scaled down collection of mortar and pestles.

The window box looks barren; the sun heat beats in since we lost seven beautiful shade trees in a recent, disastrous ice storm. The trees outdoors and the indoor plants shielded the kitchen from the southern exposure heat.

Then I prepared
a Pot Luck Pasta Salad posted on WW, 12 servings (3 pts./serving), for my Sunday Life Group meeting. At least there would be one dish I could eat along with four meatballs sans sauce. Fortunately, among the lovely desserts was a strawberry, kiwi and apple salad I used for "dessert." I surely missed the taste of coconut pie, caramel iced bundt cake, and some tarts.

Meanwhile, while we attended Sunday services and Life Group afterward, back at the house, Luckie discovered my husband's stash of caloric goodies, he keeps out of my sight. He left the door open to the closet and the door to the room. She removed a box of six Parisian cinnamon rolls, eating them all, leaving the box in our pathway.

Quite content, she was at the gate, wagging her tail, when we arrived home. Somehow, I think she was smiling, thinking, "I foiled their attempts to keep me out of the food chain, again."


Liz said...

I've just been catching up on your posts.

Luckie is such a rascal, just like George! They would so love to play together! But what mischief they would entice each other into!

You are doing well with WW. I like the Slimming World red and green days diet but it gives me the most hideous wind!! So at the moment I'm on a just try to eat less diet. Although I know it won't work without some more motivation.

And now I can't remember what else you wrote thta i was going to comment on ...

Oh yes, computers. I don't think we have anywhere like that that refurbishes for charity. We have loads of old bits in the attic. What a shame you're not closer.

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

you really do stick to the healthy eating. I am your fan.

Life is better now that I have no community obligations. Hope you stick to your plan to cut back.