Thursday, April 09, 2009

Morning Coffee Routine Frustrations

It seems age makes simple tasks, originally automatic zombie functions, require more alertness... like the morning coffee-making duties and Luckie's breakfast.

Lately I've awakened earlier than Luckie's wake-up clock. Today the coffee routine was filled with booby traps. We have different coffee preferences around here. My husband wants a 6-cup pot to drink all day--black with no additives. Ugh! By afternoon it is too bitter for me. I prefer coffee made one cup at a time with Splenda sweetener and 1/2 cup fat-free milk, or 3 tsp. Lite Carnation Coffee Mate.

The household has two coffee makers, a multi-cup and one cup. This morning I messed up the routines so both had grinds in the finished product-Yuck! I had to strain both brews.

Further, the carafe for the multi-cup coffee maker was not placed correctly under the drip basket, so it deposited part of the coffee and grinds on the warming burner and counter--a messy clean up.

Meanwhile Luckie is awake, pacing the room for morning buffet-doggy style. She has memorized my routine, and knows she is fed after I finish preparing and pressing the start button of the one-cup coffee maker.

Today, the mess of the multi-cup coffee maker required immediate attention. She went back to bed in frustration. As soon as I rattled her soft cheese bites bag (used to disguise her morning medicines) she came running, dancing and prancing for her buffet. All is forgiven. That's why I love dogs!


Liz said...

They're easily appeased, aren't they?

I have my night-time routine and if anything upsets it I don't know where I am!

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

I am so pleased I was able to meet Luckie. What a sweetheart and so well-behaved.