Monday, April 20, 2009

Interlude - Luckie says "whew, about time"

Although there is one more Part (4) to the Computer from Hell, it is not written.

I wanted to toss out the idea of a couple of extra blogs - temporarily entitled Spirituality and My Ozarks World (Photos), maybe albums; maybe my Weight Loss Journey, although that might be more personal and boring than I would like -- after all the main object is hmmm, how shall I say it - controlled starvation. I might just incorporate the weight blog, success or failure in the present blog.

Posting might be less frequent.

Spirituality would be inspiring, religious but not specific doctrine. Sometimes might be lessons I've taught in the past or ideas inspired by others or books I have read. I am a believer in the Trinity Godhead of a Supreme God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. However, I might draw on writings of others who follow different philosophies.

My World will be photos of my Ozark world, but include trips I've taken and other places I've lived. Included in this post are shots of the fifth (5th) largest dam in the U.S. which is exactly 1 mile from my front door. In the past I
have walked it for exercise. It is 0.8 "miles round trip" but if you park a small distance away in parking areas and cross the highway across the dam, you have a mile.

These pictures show all 17 flood gates open, a rarity, only twice in its history. I've witnessed both times. I also have a slide of the gates open with water frozen in place. I need to convert it digitally.

I know these aren't unusual topics; but they are who I am. If you read my bio, maybe there are other subjects which I have not considered. Of course Luckie still is included--no option there.

Any comments???

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Liz said...

Do you have to have separate blogs? Couldn't you combine all topics on the one blog? A bit of this and a bit of that?