Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saga of the Computer from Hell (CFH) continues

Upon return the manufacturer repaired Computer from Hell (CFH) had the same problem, non-functioning USB wireless network provision. Neither internationally known computer manufacturer (CM) or I could believe the repaired unit had the same problem.

Again, I began the round-robin phone call between CM tech support, ISP tech support, wireless router tech support and me. All tech supports placed blame on the other, despite my connecting to Internet with wired network on-board function and CAT-5 cable.

Finally CM authorized a second return for repair with same result - NON-FUNCTIONING WIRELESS NETWORK FUNCTION. Unbelievably stupid! [If you are counting, this the THIRD time the CFH has made the journey to the CM.]

Again the round robin of phone calls with same three tech supports, with continuing repetition of suggestions, tests and the "blame" game.

To settle the "blame" game, I made an appointment with the area ISP (phone company), who offered free troubleshooting services. With assorted luggage filled with the CFH, a laptop and wireless router I made the 24-mile round trip to the ISP's area office. In less than 20 minutes their tech support determined the problem was the CFH, not the ISP service.

I called CM tech support again. By now I had moved up the chain of command to top level of tech support. After regaling the entire long and sordid history, I was provided a replacement upgrade of same model series to be known as CFH-II, after returning the old unit. [Trip #4)

Upon arrival, every component of the CFH-II model upgrade replacement functioned so I registered it with CM.

By now my husband wanted to keep his home-built computer, spurning the CFH-II model, so after setup and personalization CFH-II sat, unused for several months.

Lesson #4. Don't give up pursuing your consumer's right to a functioning product - no lemons!
We are now into November, 2008 - 13 months from original purchase!
I donated my home-built desktop to a church resource room, and set up CFH-II for my personal desktop use, loading an office suite, financial software. personal files and photos.

Still, the saga becomes ridiculously worse. My husband and Luckie think I am far too stubborn for my own sanity...

Stay tuned for Part 4 - The Final Straws

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Liz said...

It can't go on any longer surely?!!! No wonder Luckie is fed up. She wants to go walkies!