Saturday, April 11, 2009

Foodaholics Anonymous - Membership of Two

Our household has two foodaholics, Luckie and me. From all indications we will always be members of our own Foodaholics Anonymous. We are insanely preoccupied and addicted with food of all kinds, but mostly those unhealthy, cholesterol ridden, waist-expanding varieties.

This addiction is why we're perennially "on a diet!"

Luckie doesn't know she is on a diet...but maybe she does.

This morning's feeding frenzy is one example: I decided to get up later, like 7 a.m., when a wet nose and quiet, impatient bark awakened me. Before I completed my coffee-making routine, my underweight husband arose. Accompanied by Luckie, he went out to smoke a cigarette (no smoking is allowed inside house or car) and retrieve the area morning newspaper.

Meanwhile, I completed the coffee routine, setting the ON button on the second coffee maker, the signal to Luckie, her breakfast will be served. I feed her a meager half cup of kibbles plus a tad of cheese wrapped meds.

On days like this, I tried to sneakily fool her by quietly preparing everything. However, to no avail yet, she hears the kibbles hit the bottom of her metal bowl. She impatiently paws the door until my husband lets her in; then it's a "hot to trot" to her bowl.

And I am contemplating what breakfast will be...a piece of fruit or more substantial fare. I favor the latter, but will probably choose the former. Ah, such is life in Foodaholics Anonymous!


Liz said...

Were you reading my blog when I wrote about taking George to a pet therapist? For a variety of reasons she suggested he was bored part of the time, and she suggested throwing his dinner around the garden so that he has to expend more energy and time looking for and eating it. So that's what we do and now instead of a 10 second meal George's lasts a few minutes.

NitWit1 said...

No, but that is a good idea. I do scatter Luckie's tiny treats. We buy dry dog-bone-shaped 1.25 inch-long treats at a farm supply store. We sometimes give her more than one but scatter them around the room.

Pet Therapist. hmmm I watch Victoria on TV do her magic with bad behaving dogs. It is truly amazing what she accomplishes maintly training owners.

chaplain Grace Michelle said...

For my overweight dog I feed her green beans. they do not cost much and she likes them and thinks it is a special "People treat".
The Vet said if she will eat them, it is great.
Molly has lots weight so we are all happy.