Saturday, July 11, 2009

Confessions and Disclaimers

During a semi-sabbatical induced by an out-of-town medical trip, I had time and a wireless Internet connected laptop to reflect on 4+ months and 72 posts plus innumerable comments of blogging inexperience. Just a babe, aren't I? at least compared to so many of you extremely talented writers.

The insolvable mystery of the behavior of my blog alone, has escaped my capacity to solve the numerous inconsistencies and weird behavior. I still do not know if it is Blogger, my browser, me or what. I am a moderately informed techie insofar as hardware capabilities are concerned, but programming--I don't have a clue. I am removing my fish tank as a last ditch effort.

I re-read some posts with a critical eye for tone. None were perfect. Upon reflection a few posts did not strike a tone with which I was happy, and indeed, may have left readers wondering "Just who does she think she is, anyway."

So I resolve to consider my words more carefully, taking a day or two if needed. there are no deadlines, or guidelines of which I am aware. This resolution includes posts and my comments to others' posts.

I resolve to not set a tone that I am an expert on anything because I am not. Everything I write has to do with my life experiences only, which may or may not extend beyond myself. This includes religion, politics, sports, medicine, dogs--any topic. I try to avoid some of these topics entirely, and will make a more concentrated effort in the areas of religion, politics and sports.

I think dogs is a safe topic. I love 'em all and cats, too. It doesn't matter to me if they are pedigreed or Heinz 57. I've had 'em all and love 'em all. My husband has accused me of loving more dogs more than him...........I'm not going there, either.

I welcome constructive criticism, so fire away.

As soon as I lose a few more pounds and am able to explore my beautiful area of Arkansas, I may post some photography only naughty ones! I'm in a hunt for some special equipment at an inexpensive price. And I am attending a workshop in Springfield MO this week to brush up on techniques I have long forgotten.

However, I disclaim any overt, intentional motive to discredit or belittle anyone on any subject. My unforeseen thoughtlessness, carelessness or stupidity may make me appear otherwise, but then my user name is NitWit1.

Now I must begin making arrangements for another stay in Springfield MO...very much a fun trip this time...and maybe some Baby Bok Choy from the Asian grocery.


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

There is nothing wrong with your blog posts NW ! Remember this, it is YOUR blog. It is an avenue of expression for you, that keeps you writing on a regular basis!

Arkansas Patti said...

Don't change a thing, I totally agree with Carol.
These blogs are "us". It is like minds that return.
I wish there was a workshop around here for photography. Enjoy yours. Have fun in Springfield.

Renie Burghardt said...

Carol Ann, or nit wit, if you prefer, I haven't been reading your blog all that long, but I have enjoyed what I have read. I blog mainly for fun, and not that often, either. Some people blog to express their opinions. To each his own, I say. If I didn't enjoy blogging, I wouldn't bother with it.

Got to run. Heading to the cabin. Have a good weekend!


NitWit1 said...

To: Carol, APatti, Renie:
Thanks, I'm in awe of all your blogs and talent of expression. Some of you, and other bloggers who post to me are actually published writers.

I started blogging to fill a perceived void I feel, as infirmities begin to impede my boundless, restless search for new and exciting participations in life.

And I've always loved to write, but am a terrible typist and proof reader. Terrible for a former higher level graduate who had to choose between a pharmacy major and English major!

The pressure I feel, and perceive some of you feel, is the need to post often. I may follow APatti (Skate Sunday) and take a day or two off. However, chosing a day or days is problematic too. I think I'll call my day(s)- Slider something or other, named after a version of hamburger, my favorite unhealthy meal! :) I will just slide through the day(s) without posting, instead of sliding across the grill, from whence the term Slider Burgers came.

Maybe I'll just post: This is Slider Tuesday, or Slider Saturday, etc.

I have tons of stories, but they need developing, which often takes more time than I have for any given day.

I usually have titles in draft that I develop later.

Photography workshops: APatti, there is a Tamron workshop in LR in September. I don't think you have to have that brand lense to attend. It is a 2 day affair with field trip to Old CHI mill (or something like that). There are frequent workshops in LR, closest to you. I would have chosen that one except for the perceived walking & accompanying SOB. I never want to drag a class down because of my infirmities.

You might browse your camera manufacturer sight too. I know Nikon has a lot but they are more travel workshops which appear beyond my physical strength and financial means.

You might check out . It is an on-line school (free). I subscribe to the site as a weekly newsletter and tips are sent. I sometimes do them, but mainly just read and observe.

EVERYONE ENJOY THE WEEKEND. We just had some summer showers which mean we won't have to run up the water bill this weekend. YaHoo!

Amber Star said...

Lucky you with the rain and all. It is 103 here today and yesterday and all week, actually.

I'm taking a sabbatical from posting, too. I don't want to post on a schedule, but whenever I feel a need or want to share something going on in our area of the world.

I've always enjoyed your posts and it is a pleasure to read coherent posts. Sometimes mine are not so coherent. ;)

Betty said...

Your posts are very interesting. I used to feel pressure to post every day, too, and then I realized I was the one doing the pressuring. So, I post once, twice, maybe three times a week, not on any special days, and that suits me just fine. No need to overanalyze your subject matter, either. Whatever interests you will interest us.

Lorna said...

Enjoy your trip as much as I enjoy your blog posts

Liz said...

I can't imagine you've offended anyone! Just carry on. Your blog is an expression of you just as each of our blogs is. (I started that sentence and then wondered where, grammatically-speaking, it was going!)

Enjoy your photogrpahy course. I would like to learn a little more but I really mustn't do another course! Husband thinks I am course-obsessed but I think it's healthy to keep my mind active.