Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Movin' On

My husband's brother, wife and son left this morning for Branson. I feel sorry for my BIL and his wife, pretty much our age, as their 50 year old unmarried son has a whirlwind tour of Branson planned. I would never survive it. This evening there was a circus and some kind of dinner; tomorrow was the Roy Rogers show (7 Hours) and the Branson Belle (3 hrs.).

Friday, about 5 a.m. they start home to SC two days of marathon driving. The son then is leaving on his own vacation to Thailand, but BIL and wife have to take him to Myrtle Beach,SC to catch a plane. I told them to e-mail us if they survived.

My husband was suffering from a summer cold the entire time his relatives were here. That's got to be miserable.

I've spent a part of the last two weeks in Springfield, Mo. Because of neglect on my part, I again must go to Springfield to renew my military ID card. NITWIT! NitWit!i nitwit!

Spouses' cards are expire at regular intervals until age 75 when we receive a permanent one. I am three years, two months from that date.

I have not decided if I will try to do a round trip of spend a night. But the traveling day is Friday.

So I will have another Slider day or two.

Luckie was a model of good behavior. She did not push herself obnoxiously on the SIL who is allergic to cats and dogs. When she discovered the company was not going to accommodate her doggie treat addiction she quietly rested in her own chair or at our feet. You hardly knew she was around.

Till I am through with Sliders .....NitWit1


Arkansas Patti said...

Phew, better them than me. I got tired just reading.
Doesn't the house get empty when they all leave?
Wonderful that Luckie didn't make anyone sick and I am very impressed with her model behavior. You go dog.
I'd say relax but maybe after Springfield.

Lorna said...

Take some time to enjoy your forced trip---do what Dave does every once in a while...he'll see a streetname that he likes and just follow it until he drives into a lake. Or he'll decide to make 5 rnadomly-spaced left turns. WE've seen some wonderful things this way.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Carol Ann,

Sounds like your BIL and SIL and son will be busy travelling. I like Branson, but in shorter spurts. Hope your husband's cold has gotten better. And Luckie was a good doggie, indeed.

Another trip to Springfield? Oh, my, well, you can rest up after you get back. I always have to rest up after company.

Have a good rest of the week.


PS. You are about 5 weeks older than me. I was also born in 1936, November 25th. I think I saw your birth date on Facebook.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I learn something new every day, and thanks to you, I know that I'll very soon (less than 2 months) be eligible for a permanent military ID. Sorry you have to make a return trip to Springfield.

Congrats to Luckie for being on her best behavior during your family's visit. I don't envy their upcoming experiences in Branson nor their long trip home. I, too, hope they survive. :)

Liz said...

Well done, Luckie!

Thta does sound exhausting.

jinksy said...

That itinerary wore me out ! :)

Amber Star said...

I agree with Arkasas Patti about getting tired from reading the iternary. I like to go, but hate being on a strict schedule.

Enjoy the peace and quiet after they are gone. :)

Betty said...

Branson can be tiring - and, boring. Or, maybe I've just been there too often. I always get lost trying to get from one place to another - crazy streets!

NitWit1 said...

It is 4:15 p.m. and I just commented to my husband, I wonder if your brother and sister-in-law are still standing? They should be getting on the Branson Belle about now. I made sure they had our phone # in case they need a hospital. I know where the Branson Hospital is and it's a fairly good one. Branson is about 1.5 hours from us.

I dread going to Springfield and back in one day for an ID card renewal tomorrow, but I am going to do it. I'm tired thinking about it and haven't got on the road yet. ( 7 a.m. Friday)

Silver said...

Luckie sounds like on her best behaviour ..good girl!

well, you can have another good slow sight seeing and some shopping again eh?