Monday, July 20, 2009

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We are expecting company today. My husband's brother, his wife and one son are arriving sometime today from S. Carolina. I'm a little discombobulated as we are in the midst of remodeling a bedroom, which will serve for the some guests.

The wife has as many allergies as I have, but different ones. I surely am sympathetic with her discomfort, traveling. I often return home sick--not an encouraging thought. She is allergic to dogs. I hope poor Luckie understands and seeks attention from the rest of us.

So here is my analysis of my own pictures, referring in order to them as they appeared in the previous post.

Picture #1 Total dud; to many things sticking up all over the place. The headstone sets on the intersection of thirds, but otherwise no atmosphere.

Picture #2 Intent was to be the hors d'oerves of the series to show the overwhelming sorrow. However, I failed to include a part of the headstone so it does not identify the place. It is just a bunch of things, albeit interesting. It appears to be a tad out of focus overall and the point of interest I intended to the the series of puppies. Instead a daisy surround by some blue flowers appears to be the only sharp thing. It is good example of not being sure major focus is in focus.

Picture #3 This would be my favorite with a little cropping. The eye moves in the lower left through the picture to the seating. I can imagine walking by the grave, pausing to read and look at the memorabilia and then to meditate sitting in the shade of the tree on a hot summer day in Arkansas. I would crop the right hand side, maybe even part of the bench so the eye could imagine exiting and sitting on the side not shown. Might also crop top part of picture, although the main image seems properly placed.

Picture #4. This might have been my favorite if I had managed to get the bench in the picture. It also seems to be soft focus. The leaves in the right foreground and overhanging in the mid-ground give depth and mood to the setting.

I think the focusing problem is due to fact this is a new (Canon SureShot) camera for the purpose of leaving in my car, to take things that catch my eye and then come back to them, when possible, with a more flexible camera. I pass this little cemetery frequently and still have not got an overall satisfactory photo . The Canon may have a focus setting, like spot vs. matrix that needs changing.

This trip I realized I am approaching this location from a poor angle, partly because I park in the only place available. There is no roadside parking unless you want to chance rolling down a ravine!

Sorry if this is boring. Yes, I often just point and shot and HOPE. My husband is a point and shooter.... period.... I bought him the same camera.

In fact this series could be said to point and shoot, as I am looking for the best angle for a more interesting overall angle. Then I saw this touching grave.

Further, photographers seem to hone in on peculiar subjects, cemeteries are mine. I'd love to return to New England where the cemeteries are 200+ years old!

Below are some shots at a roadside park in Missouri; I stopped for a break and shot a few views. The winding road is the samein eac
h photo, shot at approximately the same distance but I moved back and forth laterally.

Again, taken with the sun overhead so lots of black and washout of light to white detail.



Arkansas Patti said...

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder isn't it? I really liked picture #2 yesterday as it had a painting quality about it. Think it would make a lovely wall hanging.
I loved the peaceful walk ways but guess I don't have the proper critical eye for they all looked good to me possibly # 2 the best but can not really tell you why. Think I am stuck on this 2 thing.
I suppose one can't learn to have an "eye" for photograhy, it must be there. I was hoping it could be learned. You have it.
Enjoy your company and hope there aren't too many allergy attacks.That is not fun.

Cheffie-Mom said...

enJOY your family! Great job on the photos - very relaxing!

Pat - Arkansas said...

I enjoyed seeing your photos yesterday, though did not leave a comment. Just had time to look and run. I also enjoyed the tips you shared from your seminar; my feeling is that one can never have too many tips.

Your self-critique was interesting, and I'll have to go back to look at the photos again to orient myself to your comments.

I'm a "fan" of old cemeteries, myself, although I don't do much wandering any more. Have you visited Mt. Holly Cemetery in Little Rock? There are some quite old graves/grave markers there.

Should you plan a trip to see it (in cooler weather, I trust, and would like some company, give me a holler on the blog. I live less than 15 miles away from the cemetery.

Enjoy your company. Hope everyone stays allergy free. Poor Lucky!