Friday, July 31, 2009

Original Shot vs. Edit

There is a meme call Straight Out of the Camera Sunday and others including one Straight Out of the Camera (SOOC) on Flickr.

I don't participate in these groups but there is virtue in attempting to create a photo which needs little or no manipulation with various editing programs, the replacement for film and print darkrooms.

If a photo is saved in the *.jpg format, each copy, revision and change degradates the image, some would say imperceptably- takes an eagle eyebetter than mine to tell the difference. There are proprietary/RAW formats which do not degradate, but then must be converted to a popular format among viewers, like *.jpg!

In renewed amateur efforts I am trying to do take photos SOOC. An effective camera feature which helps is a "zoom" lens where, if you have time, you can include, or exclude portions of the picture. Obviously, children, pets, sports, and anything that moves, does not usually allow for a "perfectly composed" photo.

Editing programs are great fun with which to tinker and usually, if careful, the tinkering can be reversed. I have learned to use in moderation because extreme manipulation can lead to garish results. I generally love realism and very modest application of artistic salt-n-pepper now and then.

I am posting two photos from yesterday along with the original SOOC . Both photos were made with the little Canon A1000 IS SureShot from WalMart. All are 'shot' in *.jpg format. I'll think about that RAW stuff when I am rich and famous!!!

The Naked Ladies/Black-Eyed Susans in yesterday's post I have so labeled, and the original [straight out of the cameral is unlabeled. The same is for the other photo, Benign Neglect [unlabeled one is straight out of the camera].

At first Naked Ladies/Black-Eyed Susan looks like the photo is cropped from the other, Benign Neglect, but in this case I "shot" these from nearly the same point, using 'zoom' of the Canon SureShot. However, I could get 2-3 'new' photos by selective cropping of 'Benign Neglect.' May have to fool around with that in my spare! time...

Tip: A way to informally frame a picture is using the forefinger and thumb as a frame like a viewfinder. Another way is to make two "L" pieces of cardboard to form a frame, and move them around like a frame for a 'shot', or to crop a photo. If you can not visualize this, let me know; I'll create cardboard one and 'take a photo.'

[By the way, the Naked Lady stalk with buds (Nikon) was not cropped but I don't remember about other editing.]


NitWit1 said...

Poster comment:
Viewing these as posted, I believe I adjusted contrast (maybe) in the Naked Ladies and it is a tossup as to which I like better.

The second (Benign Neglect) I appear to have used a feature in my editing program called SmartCurves, and I prefer the original.

Again, it is really the esthetic eye of the viewers, who may differ entirely with each other.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Despite all the hundreds of photos I have taken, I've not yet learned how to adjust them beyond (sometimes)cropping or adjusting the fill light, both of which I do with Picasa, a free Google photo program. I have Photoshop Elements 2.0 which, as of yet, I have used only to change the pixel dimensions of the image for better blog posting. Therefore, the majority of my photos that are offered for public view are SOOC.

I nearly always admire photos that have been artistically altered, with this or that effect applied, but either am too lazy or too dense to try to learn how to do things like that.

Silver said...

The pictures turned out really well.

You've been rather quiet.... !How's your review on the latest book ?


Renie Burghardt said...

Good lessons in cropping or not cropping, zooming, editing, etc. I rarely crop, but do use zoom, and I don't like much enhancing, because I also like more natural looking pictures. I do store pictures in a size for the web, so it is easier to download. I have a slow pc, and I can't be downloading something for 2 hours.

Next time I go to Walmart, I will check into the Canon A1000 IS SureShot czmera. I may just buy one. It sounds like a good little camera for me.

Happy weekend!


PS. I read the first post in this series the other day.