Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Through My Myopic, Astigmatic, Presbyopic Eye

Today, I am sharing photos taken with two different cameras. The 1st two photos are taken with a Nikon D50 6 megapixel camera -- my main camera for now.(1)photo is of Naked Lady buds on the naked stalk; (2) Black-eyed Susans(?)

The rest are taken with a Canon A1000 SureShot 10 megapixel camera (WalMart $129) I bought to keep in my SUV. I am pretty impressed with this little Point-N-Shoot camera; in fact, I purchased one for my husband.

I wanted a camera in the SUV so I could stop and take a shot to see it there is good reason to return with Nikon such as better light, etc.


Arkansas Patti said...

The shot after "benign neglect", is that a separate shot or crop of the first?
I had someone admire my camera Sony H50 but I had to tell them that it didn't take any better pictures than my point and shoot. Think it may be the skill of the photographer needed which you have. I can see the difference in yours.
I like your Abe approach. May try that. He is so good about sharing ideas.

NitWit1 said...

Patti: That is a separate shot. I took a lot of shots. Two were cropped, but not made into addtional pictures.

My cropping usually is to make lines horizontal/vertical and then crop to make square. My editing program allows for this.

I was standing on a downhill slant, my driveway. I usually adjust my body and camera to get horizontal/vertical lines but this old body is not stable in some positions! I should use a monopod for help.

The two shots you mentioned I was standing in same place, but "Zoomed" in on the closer shot, "essentially cropping in camera."

I saw this picture in my mind, when I got out of my vehicle one day. I had to return several times because of our capricious weather and sunshine.

I made a number of shots, moving around the bed full of weeds. (Pulled on weed that got in my way. HA HA} using the Canon first and then the Nikon.

This little Canon has higher resolution (pixels) and a remarkable number of features for the price, like Image Stabilization (my Nikon does not have--the next one will), zoom, closeups and a manual mode.

So far I have only used AUTO (Macro once). I basically am having fun with a new gizmo. :)

I've read some autobiographies of famous photographers. One, a NY street photographer, got his start, and sold pictures made with a Kodak Brownie.

Fancier, more costly cameras are provide more tools. It is our eye that makes the difference.

Nice thing about digital, we can snap a 100 shots cheaply (cost of batteries) and surely one will acceptable; we can use DELETE for all the rest. :)

Some where I have a book on "seeing", which you might get at your library. I'll try to dig it up.

However, my eye is not as good as Abe's. He amazes me. I'm sure he has a dedicated macro lens, but still there is the "eye" thing. AND I bet he is more patient than I. I chased a small butterfly at this same site. After 3 minutes I lost patience in the heat and went in the house! :(

Thanks for looking and asking.

rdl said...

I like the Nikon shots best. but i am a nikon wannabee. miss the SLR view badly.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Cool pix, Carol! Love the Naked Ladies and Blackeyed Susans together. You're using Abe's tricks to good advantage.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I really like the second to last photo. The reflections are very neat. enJOY your day!

richies said...

Lovely photos. he fist one is absolutely stunning

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