Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too Many Miles - Same Destination

A few days ago a notice from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (ADFA) arrived via U. S. Postal Service (USPS), notifying us of impending license plate expiration.

Renewal is accomplished by USPS mail or secure Internet site, if there is no other need to go to a local ADFA office, like driver license renewal. We checked our driver's licenses -- no impending expiration.

When I emptied all contents of my rat-packed purse on the kitchen counter island, I checked other expiration cards. YIKES! My military ID card had expired July 13!

Bad news! this ID is required along with my Medicare card for medical services. The military ID identifies me as a qualified recipient of TriCare for Life, a medical, secondary, supplemental medical insurance to Medicare for retired military persons.

Further I saw a physician July 21 ....I may have to pay the balance of that visit.

My August schedule includes an appointment Aug. 8. OOPS!

Phone calls with pleas to send my marriage license, my husband's DD214 and my driver's license by USPS landed on deaf ears. I offered to have the materials, notarized, certified, anything to avoid another trip. No wonder USPS is going broke; apparently nobody uses or trusts 'em!

I am required to make an appearance at an approved military ID issuance office, the nearest of which is at the Naval Reserve Training Center, Springfield, MO!

Today I set out alone at 7:30 a.m. with a single mission and arrived home at 1:30 p.m. It would have been record time if I had not stopped for a couple of breaks, photos and gas. This trip was the third trip in three weeks to Springfield, MO. I hope I don't see the Springfield city limit sign again until October when I return for another physician's appointment!!!

Besides a photographic interest in cemeteries, I love rows of old and/or colorful mailboxes. I saw this row along a busy highway between Springfield and Mansfield MO. I had to backtrack and find a safe place to park and take these photos, all the same with very slight changes in perspective and no editing.

At one rest stop I ate a Fiber One bar while cows ate their own version of fiber!

The rest stop had interesting rock formations. This photo, which has some nice lines leading the eye out of the picture, is a rocky ledge overhang under which adults can easily stand.


Pat - Arkansas said...

At least you're "legal" again! Whew!

Those are colorful mailboxes! I don't blame you for backing up for a second look.

Arkansas Patti said...

You could probably put your car on auto pilot for Springfield. Those trips are only fun when you don't "have" to go.
Always like creative mail boxes but usually with our narrow roads, there is seldom a chance to pull over top get a picture.
Love eating with cows. That is supposed to be good for your digestion and blood pressure.
Stay home and relax a bit now.

Amber Star said...

What a hassle for you! Bet you don't let that happen again. Trying to get the new medicare stuff sorted out for me has been an incredible pita, but at least I didn't have to go to another state.

Thanks for stopping by today and the other days, too. :)

Anonymous said...

This was an entertaining blog post. I found humor in some of your photos, such as the portraits of the cows and the overhanging rock formation. If it has been there long enough some of my cousins were probably there during the last Little Ice Age, trying to stay warm while gnawing on Mammoth tongue. I hope you have a nice weekend. Take it easy and write something nice about your trip back home. I loved this one.

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